Face Emptiness

Find articles here about how to face the dragon of emptiness by creating a more meaningful life.

Make Travel Memories Collecting Money

How Much Income do i Need to be a Digital Nomad?

You might be thinking about quitting your job or you have a new online income stream such as a blog, …

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Morning Routine

Create the Perfect Morning Routine

If you’ve ever wanted to create the perfect morning routine for yourself but you just weren’t sure where to start, …

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Quit Learning a Language

Is it time to quit learning that language?

Language learning is hard. It’s a time-consuming, demoralizing process that often seems to have no end. So how do you …

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Workout Ideas for Digital Nomads

When you travel a lot, one thing that can suffer is consistency when it comes to working out. A constantly …

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Languages are a good hobby for digital nomads

Should I Learn the Language?

I might be working from the Indian Himalayas or a tree-house restaurant in Thailand, where ever I am, the constant …

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