Face Inaction

Inaction, laziness, sloth, this dragon goes by many names. If Inaction is taking a hold of you, you might notice that you just can’t get started with that project you know you should do. It may seem like such an effort to do anything other than passively consuming media after work or on the weekends. Now imagine that while watching Netflix you found this ancient scroll down the side of the sofa! You unroll it and see the title – How to fight Inaction.

brain dump

Brain Dump to Reduce Anxiety & Be More Productive

Everyone’s heard the term “brain dump,” but few know how valuable this productivity tool really is or how to do …

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Encouragement for Kids

85+ Words of Encouragement for Kids to Uplift & Inspire Them

Speaking to your child in a positive and uplifting way is an essential part of raising happy and mentally healthy …

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Evening Routine

Before Bed Activities to Perfect Your Evening Routine

Morning routines are all the rage but have you heard of an evening routine? Daily evening routines are a reliable …

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Goals for 2022

Goals for 2023: 50 Goal Ideas for Personal Growth

Every year we get the chance to achieve something new; 2023 is no different. Make this new year better than …

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Morning Routine

Create the Perfect Morning Routine for You

First thing in the morning, do you reach for the snooze button or a cup of coffee? Do you want …

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Obsidian Tips

11 Obsidian Tips for Newcomers: Improve Your Note-Taking

If you’re using Obsidian for taking notes, you care about productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. But opening up the note-taking app …

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The Bible

How to Take Bible Notes You Will Use Again and Again

Biblical study is a lifelong journey, and you want notes that will be there with you every step. Studying the …

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Second Brain

Does Taylor Swift Have a Second Brain, and Do You Need One too?

Taylor Swift’s success is due to her work ethic, creativity, and willingness to lay her heart on the line. Her …

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Organizing Notes in Obsidian

Organizing Notes in Obsidian: Get It Right First Time

You’ve decided to give Obsidian a go as your new note-taking app but you’re still not sure how to set …

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Journaling Ideas

Start Writing Today: Dozens of Inspiring Journaling Ideas

Journal writing is a fantastic habit to inspire our future selves or as a memoir to look back on. Finding …

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Obsidian Syntax Cheatsheet

Definitive Obsidian Markdown Cheatsheet: Complete Syntax Reference

If you use Obsidian for notes already or are thinking about it but are not sure what markdown is or …

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Obsidian Templates

Ultimate Guide to Obsidian Templates (with Examples)

If you’ve just downloaded Obsidian or are thinking about it but feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry! We’ll dive into …

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