Face Inaction

Inaction, laziness, sloth, this dragon goes by many names. If Inaction is taking a hold of you, you might notice that you just can’t get started with that project you know you should do. It may seem like such an effort to do anything other than passively consuming media after work or on the weekends. Now imagine that while watching Netflix you found this ancient scroll down the side of the sofa! You unroll it and see the title – How to fight Inaction.

Monk Mode Mistakes

Don’t Make These 8 Monk Mode Mistakes

Monk mode is quickly becoming a rite of passage for young men interested in bettering themselves, building businesses, or giving …

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Monk Mode Tips

11 Essential Monk Mode Tips for Mastering Productivity

Monk mode is the perfect preparation for anyone wanting to face dragons. It takes skill, focus, and self-confidence to go …

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Personal Knowledge Management

What Is Personal Knowledge Management? Create a Customized System

Is personal knowledge management the latest buzzword to sell software, or does it solve a real problem that people face …

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Zettelkasten Method

A Quick Zettelkasten Method Guide: Creativity from Chaos in Minutes

The Zettelkasten method is a way to capture the knowledge around you, separate it from the junk, and save it …

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GTD and a Second Brain

GTD and a Second Brain: The Ultimate PKM System

Building a second brain is the perfect way to store all your memories, ideas, and knowledge. Students use it to …

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a manly gentleman - how to be a man

How to Be a Man: Building a Life of Purpose and Meaning

Understanding manliness, especially for young men, has never been trickier than it is in 2023. With conflicting advice from “real …

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Smoking a Cigarette, bad habit

15 Bad Habits and How to Break Them Before They Break You

Everyone wants to be successful, and if you’re reading this, you’re willing to actually do something about it. Most of …

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How to organize your files

Digital Decluttering: Time to Digitize Your Yearly Spring Clean?

Spring is almost here, so if you’re like most Americans, it’s time for the annual spring clean. It fills some …

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Logseq vs Obsidian

Logseq vs. Obsidian Get the Best Note Taking App for You

Trying to decide between Logseq and Obsidian and not sure where to start? No worries, here is a complete comparison …

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ChatGPT on a computer screen

A Month Later, Is ChatGPT Worth $20/month?

ChatGPT is the latest must-have in the tech and productivity spheres, but one month since OpenAI announced its subscription model, …

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Fast Bullet Journal Daily Log

10 Bullet Journal Ideas to Help Organize Your Life

Have you started a bullet journal to help you get things done? There’s much more you can do with this …

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Monk Mode Ideas

16 Monk Mode Ideas: Enlighten Your Personal Development Journey

Are you thinking about starting Monk Mode and looking for some inspiring things to do daily? You’ll find everything you …

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