Face Weakness

Weakness is a dragon that comes for us all, eventually.

But you will feel the benefits of fighting Weakness every day of your life.

Man looking at phone

Don’t Try the Same Digital Detox Over and Over

The digital detox is the cure this generation needs. It’s the chance to unplug, reset, and realize that there is … Read More
Man Smoking a Cigar

Why Successful Men Smoke Cigars

Following the smoke swirl upward from a cigar was one way I entertained myself in the evenings as a child. … Read More
Wake Up Earlier 4 Methods

I Tried 4 Wake Up Early Methods: You Won’t Believe Which Worked

Waking up early consistently is a superpower many of us crave. It unlocks precious “me time” for productivity, exercise, or … Read More
Google for sleep questions

Experts Answer the Most Googled Questions on Sleep

The world has questions about sleep, and every month hundreds of thousands of people are turning to Google for answers. … Read More
Man Splashing water to wake himself up

Still Feel Tired? How to Wake Yourself Up in the Morning

Love them or hate them, mornings are the time to wake up and start getting things done. That might be … Read More
Keto Bulk

Bulking on Keto, Can You? Should You?

Bulking on keto is a controversial topic. Some say you can’t bulk on keto, while it seems to work for … Read More
Wake Up in Winter

It’s Not Your Fault! Why Waking Up in Winter Is a Struggle

Few things feel more like home than a warm bed on a winter morning. Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone … Read More
Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

I’ve started my day with keto coffee almost every day since 2018. Starting the keto diet was a life-changing moment … Read More
60 Days on Keto Results

60 Days on Keto: Results After 2 Months

Two months into the ketogenic diet, I’m making good progress. In this post, I want to show my progress pictures … Read More
Lazy Keto Breakfast

Lazy Keto Breakfast: Easy and Yum

I want something quick and easy when I’m running out the door. Lazy keto options are a perfect choice, so … Read More
Benefits of Waking Up Early

15 Benefits of Waking Up Early

If productivity is important to you, if you want to face dragons and return victorious, if you want to be … Read More
How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired

How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired

So, you might not be a morning person, but that doesn’t mean you sometimes don’t have to wake up early. … Read More
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