The Best After Dark Activities: Things to Do at Night

Looking for something to do at night? You’ve found it! Look below for something to do that doesn’t cost any money, for things to do indoors, outdoors, or activities you can do at home. You’ll never have another dull evening with this list of things to do at night.

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Free Things to Do At Night

Free and cheap things to do are everywhere. You need to notice them. Here are some free activities you’ve probably overlooked.

1. Astrophotography

To take jaw-dropping photos of the night sky, you don’t need lots of expensive equipment. Instead, you need to learn the art of astrophotography. Most pictures of stars or the Milky Way are taken with a slow shutter speed to absorb enough light. Astrophotography apps can help set this up.

2. Find a Spot Up High to Watch the Lights Go Out

Something is captivating about watching the lights go out one by one as people go to bed. You need to find somewhere up high for this. If your town has an ideal spot, take a drive there.

3. Find a Playground and Relive Your Childhood

No one will see you enjoying yourself on the swings and going down the slides at night, so let yourself loose! Take a few friends and a bottle of wine for an extra fun factor!

4. Go to the Beach

The beach is entirely different at night—no need for sunscreen. Instead, you can walk along the coast, looking at the moon’s reflection in the waves.

5. Go for a Run

If you still have energy to burn at the end of the day, why not put on your running shoes and go for a jog? There are fewer people and cars out, so there’s no better time for it.

6. Star Gazing

Look up at the stars and see the same patterns that thousands of generations saw before you.

How many of the constellations do you know? If you’re like me, not many. But it’s easy to learn them now with star gazing apps like Stellarium. Point your device at the sky and see the constellations overlaid on the sky.

7. Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset is free entertainment! No matter how many times you’ve seen the sun go down, it never stops being amazing.

8. Take a Walk

During the day, everything is go go go, so it’s nice to slow down in the evening and take a stroll around the block. If you have green spaces or a dog park nearby, take a walk there. If not, walk around the neighborhood.

9. Listen to Live Music

You’ll be surprised how many places have live music at night. Bars and restaurants are an obvious choice in parks and pedestrian areas. If the music moves you, have a dance too.

10. Take a Walk By the Waterfront

We’re not all lucky enough to live close to the water, but if you are, take a walk by the waterfront. Take some pictures and share them on social media for the rest of us.

The Best Things to Do at Home After Dark

Things to do at home at night

11. Camp Outside in the Yard

Do you own a tent? If not, consider camping out under the stars in your backyard. It’s much more fun if you have someone else with you (and probably safer too.)

12. Make Popcorn

Popcorn is a double whammy! First, you get to enjoy the smell. Then you get to eat it!

13. Watch a Horror Movie

Do you have the stomach to watch a horror film in the dark at night? It’s not my idea of a good night, but who’s to say you won’t enjoy it?

14. Do Some Work

Everyone else is asleep, so you have peace to get some work done. Working in the evening will come naturally if you’re a night owl. Those extra work hours will significantly impact your business or studies.

15. Stretch

Everyone getting on their goals works out now, they probably even do some cardio in addition to lifting weights, but very few people are taking the time to stretch. Flexibility is not only a great way to avoid injury in life and the gym, but it also makes you a faster and stronger athlete.

16. Listen to Night Meditation

When it’s late, and you can’t sleep, put your headphones in and listen to some night meditation. It doesn’t only help you fall asleep. You can use it for affirmations, motivation, or maybe learning a new skill such as a language (the science is still out on this, though.)

17. Chi Kung

Chi Kung means “breath work” in Chinese. It is a slow, meditative practice of coordinating body movements with the breath. It’s great to do before bed if the idea of doing yoga or a full workout seems too much.

18. Sleep

Of course, sleep is what you should do at night. If you’re up and have nothing to do, getting some extra sleep so you can destroy your tasks tomorrow is never a bad idea.

19. Prepare Breakfast

Do you wake up feeling like a zombie from The Walking Dead? Then, of course, the last thing you want to do is to make breakfast, which is why you can meal prep the night before.

  • Make Juice
  • Make a Smoothie
  • Cook Bacon
  • Peel and cube fruit

20. Make Cocktails

The night is still young! Get your bartending license, or make a few cocktails for fun for your friends. Buy umbrellas, sparklers, and fancy glasses to make them look the part.

21. Yoga

To maintain a good yoga practice, you don’t need to attend a yoga class. There are so many great follow-along yoga videos on YouTube and other platforms that you can take a yoga class at home anytime. But, do it in the evening instead of watching Netflix!

22. Read a Book

People would willingly go blind in the past because they wanted to read so much at night. Luckily you don’t have to read by candlelight. Instead, grab a book or an eReader and read until those eyes start to drop.

23. Make Hot Chocolate

It’s late. Why not make yourself a hot chocolate and curl up with a good book or show on the couch? There’s something super cozy about a hot chocolate in the evening. Add some marshmallows or a little whiskey.

24. Have a Sleepover

You’re never too old to have friends come for a sleepover. Play video games, tell stories, or just hang out.

25. Call a Friend

When you’re at home in the evening by yourself, it’s the perfect time to pick up the phone and give someone a call. Think of someone you don’t speak to often, like a distant relative or an old friend, and surprise them with a phone call.

26. Meal Prep

Meal prep is a super smart way to spend an evening, especially if you usually can’t do much focused work late at night. Instead, spend the time making a week’s worth of meals and refrigerating or freezing them. Meal prep will save you valuable work time during the day.

27. Watch Documentaries

Sometimes, binge-watching another series on Netflix can seem like a waste of time but watching a documentary is at least educational! Check out some of the best new documentaries online.

28. Bake Bread, Cookies, or Cake

Fill the house with the smell of baking cookies! It might wake your family up, but how can they be angry when you give them a freshly baked cookie?

29. Rotate Your Mattress

It might not be glamorous, but it needs to be done sometime. Why not now?

More of the Best Evening Activities

There are cool things to do no matter where you are; here are some awesome things you could be doing tonight.

30. Evening Brewery Tour

Breweries and wineries offer an enchanting evening trying different craft beers and wine tasting. What could be a better way to spend the night?

31. Play Poker with Your Buddies

Playing poker with your best buds is a great way to spend the night. Just try not to lose too much money.

32. Go Camping

There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire under the stars, roasting marshmallows, singing songs, or staring at the flames. People have done this for thousands of years.

33. Find Something You Loved as a Kid on eBay.

Remember that board game you played as a kid? Or those toys everyone used to have? Go back in time and take a trip down memory lane by looking at second-hand items from when you were young on eBay.

34. Workout

I always sleep best if I’ve had a hard workout. Sometimes that means going to the gym late at night after completing my tasks for the day. Then, with nothing else to do, I can take my time in the gym and enjoy each exercise.

35. Fireworks and Sparklers

You can’t enjoy fireworks in the daytime! It doesn’t have to be the fourth of July or New Year to set off some fireworks or play with sparklers. Get everyone involved, and stay safe!

36. Go Bowling

Swap your shoes for a smelly pair that a thousand people have worn, but you’ll forget about them as soon as you step onto the lane. Bowling with friends is always a good time.

37. Check Off Something From Your Bucketlist

If you don’t have a bucket list, make one! Then pick something from it and find a way to check it off tonight.

38. Go Skating

Finding a roller disco is getting more challenging now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go skating. Anywhere with a flat surface is perfect to practice your moves, so get your skates on.

39. Go Cycling

Grab your helmet and bike lights and go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. If you don’t get on your bike much, it will bring back memories of being a kid.

40. Declutter your House

For some people, decluttering is a good time. For others, it’s just more work. You’ll have to decide if doing some decluttering is for you or not, but most people feel renewed after a spring clean.

41. Bullet Journal

Why not start a bullet journal this evening? Getting started doesn’t take much, just a journal or notebook. You can set up your bullet journal in five minutes and start using it.

42. Make Pizza

Sure, you could order a pizza or put a frozen one in the oven, but there’s something different about making your pizza from scratch. So try it and find out for yourself.

43. Watch a Trilogy

You’ve got the whole evening; that’s just enough time to watch a trilogy. Here are my suggestions:

  • The Matrix
  • The Godfather
  • Back to the Future
  • Lord of the Rings

44. Lights Candles

Instantly change your room by turning out the lights and lighting some candles instead. Candles give a beautiful color and mood to a room and will change how you experience your evening.

45. Play Truth or Dare

Gather your friends around and play an old-fashioned game of truth or dare. Think of some good dares before you start!

46. Write a Gratitude Journal

Keeping up the practice of writing a gratitude journal will make a massive difference in how you view your life. All you need is a journal and a pen. Each evening write something you are grateful for. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

47. Learn to Juggle

Juggling might seem like an impossible skill, but most people can learn to juggle in about 30 minutes. You don’t even need to have juggling balls; there are many things you have at home that you can juggle with.

48. Look Online for Gift Ideas

Christmas comes around faster each year, so it’s good to be prepared. Check out cool gift ideas online for upcoming birthdays or your Christmas shopping.

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