What Should I Do Today? 35 Things Actually Worth Doing

Bored? Unmotivated? Or just not sure what to do today? I’ve got you! Here are 20 things you can do today that are actually worth doing. Sure you could just do what you did yesterday but today why not do something different, something that you’ll actually remember?

If you’re wondering “What should I do today?” Pick one of these twenty things before the day is over.

1. Go Geocaching

If you’ve never heard of geocaching, imagine combining real-life treasure hunting with Pokemon Go; that’s geocaching!

After downloading the app, it will direct you to caches hidden worldwide, and it’s your job to go find them. Although caches might contain anything, most have a log book to sign to prove you found it.

2. Sing Your Heart Out – Karaoke

In Asia, karaoke is one of the most common pastimes that almost everyone enjoys. There are huge karaoke centers with hundreds of private rooms, each with room service. You might not have that at home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a karaoke party and even invite some friends over to sing with.

Go to YouTube and search for karaoke versions of your favorite songs, then turn it up and grab a wooden spoon or hairbrush for a microphone.

3. Be Charitable Today

We could all do more for those less fortunate than ourselves. Depending on your personality and how you’d like to be of help, you can find some way to be charitable.

  • Volunteering – spending your time with people who need help
  • Donating money – Give money through reliable online platforms
  • Donating clothes – Take your clothes to a charity shop or donation center
  • Raise money for a good cause – Consider selling something handmade or a sponsored run
  • Raise awareness – If you can’t do anything else, share the message on your social media

4. Invite People Over for a BBQ

Having a BBQ is about more than just eating fantastic food. It’s a chance to invite the people who mean the most to you to come and sit around and have a good time. You don’t need much to make an unforgettable Barbeque experience.

  1. Buy meats
  2. Buy your sauce
  3. Buy drinks
  4. Call your family or friends
  5. Light the Barbeque
  6. Start Grilling
  • Optional: Salad

5. Make a Bucket List

It’s OK to have a day with nothing to do, but have too many of them, and you might not get everything done that you want to achieve in life. So, make a bucket list today with all the goals and accomplishments you want to do before you die.

Next time you’re wondering what to do today, you can choose something from your list!

6. Call a Grandparent

Grandparents love an unexpected call from family. They, too, get bored sitting around at home all day. We all know they won’t be around forever, so make the most of them. Today you should pick up the phone and give them a call and have a good long chat.

7. Learn a New Alphabet

Starting a whole new language can feel like trying to scale a mountain. So instead, why not try learning a new alphabet? You can usually learn an alphabet in a couple of hours, which means by the end of the day, you may be able to read a completely different script!

  • Arabic
  • Tibetan
  • Korean
  • Greek
  • Hebrew

8. Cook a New Cuisine

Learn to make Pad Thai

Cooking is a skill everyone should invest in. You will eat every day for the rest of your life, so why not make it enjoyable? Learning a dish from every country you’ve visited is a great travel memory you can keep forever. But just learning a foreign cuisine or dish because you like it is just as good a reason.

Why not learn to make one of these dishes? They’re not tricky and taste amazing.

9. Watch a Trilogy

Good things come in threes, especially movies. So if you’ve got nothing better to do, why not spend the day curled up on the couch, snacks in hand, and watch three back-to-back films? There are some great trilogies to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Jurassic Park
  • Back to the Future
  • The Matrix
  • The Godfather

10. Start the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet, or keto, has been the most popular diet in the last few years. Rewind to 2017, and no one had heard of it, and now, there are recipe books, websites, and YouTube channels dedicated to keto.

In case you don’t know, keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that teaches your body to use fat for fuel. The results speak for themselves. Check out any keto comment thread to find out just how well-kept works. In 2018 I tried the keto diet and lost over 40lbs in about ten weeks!

11. Start a Bullet Journal

Have you ever seen those beautiful, artistic bullet journals on Instagram? Well, not every bullet journal needs to be a work of art. Carroll Ryder, the bullet journal creator, doesn’t decorate his at all.

His original style bullet journal only takes five minutes to set up and can give your life some real meaning and direction. So why not give it a try? Start a daily journal. it will make a difference in your life, not just today.

12. Learn to Juggle

Learning to juggle is one of those things that everyone thinks they could do, but few take the time to learn. Here’s the secret: most people can learn to juggle in about 30 minutes. You need to use the right method for learning to juggle.

You won’t be juggling perfectly after 30 minutes, but once you have the basics down, you can practice any time you want to get better and learn tricks.

13. Grow Your Own Food

If you don’t have any seeds, eat a piece of fruit and use those seeds! Growing your food is such a worthwhile activity. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Being outside replenishes vitamin D
  • Gardening is good exercise
  • Save money on groceries
  • Eat more nutritious food

14. Find a New Podcast

I love finding a new podcast, like a diamond in the dirt, then binging all of the past episodes till I’m current. The problem is finding good podcasts, here are a few you may not know about.

  • The Flophouse Podcast – Three friends and film critics who review and joke about the worst films of all time.
  • Norm Macdonald Live – It’s been over a year since his passing but whenever I want a laugh I turn to Norm’s ‘podcast.’
  • Broken Record – Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and Justin Richmond host this awesome podcast with musicians telling the stories of their lives.
  • You’re Wrong About – Hosts Michael and Sarah reexamine some of the common knowledge we all think we know.
  • This Past Weekend – Don’t drink and listen to this podcast, Theo Von will either make you wet yourself or spray it everywhere when you can’t contain your laughter.

15. Listen to the 1000 Best Albums of All Time

You can’t finish this one in one day, but you can get started!

The album first appeared in the early 1900s, so there are over 100 years worth of albums to enjoy. Thankfully the top 1000 albums of all time have been rated and ranked for us. So if you care about music and want to be musically literate, there are a thousand albums you need to hear.

Now you need to decide which list to use:

The Virgin All-time Album Top 1000 List
The Guardian List Of 1000 Albums To Hear Before You Die Albums
The Greatest Albums of All-Time

16. Bake Cookies, Bread, or Cake

Fill your house with the smell of baking bread, then pull it apart and coat it in butter while it’s still warm. Bread is easy to make, yet so few people bake it. Not only is it satisfying to bake your bread, but you can save significant money if you make it regularly.

The Easiest Loaf of Bread You’ll Ever Bake

If there is anything that smells better than baking bread, it has to be cookies! There are so many cookie recipes out there that no matter what ingredients you’re missing, you should still be able to make the perfect cookie.

Try this recipe if you want some simple and tasty. It only needs sugar, butter, and flour.

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, why not try your hand at baking a cake today?

17. Create a sourdough starter

One part baking, one part keeping a pet, a sourdough starter is a replacement for yeast in baking. It’s a pot of yeast and bacterial growth that you’ll need to feed regularly to keep alive.

You’ll get that incredible sourdough taste when you use it in your bakes.

18. Learn a Memory Technique

Learning a memory technique and how to use it is a self-improvement skill everyone should master.

We all need to remember things. It could be someone’s name, a fact or piece of data, or a list of things to buy at the store. But unfortunately, we don’t always have the luxury to write everything down or look through our notes when we need to use the information.

Having just one memory technique under your belt is essential if you want to be effective at whatever it is you do; I’d recommend you learn the story method first. It’s a great memory technique if you want to remember something fast.

19. Follow Along Yoga

Yoga is so popular because it’s such good exercise. It encourages flexibility, strength, and balance while strengthening your mind simultaneously.

If you don’t know any yoga, don’t worry. There are many yoga teachers with videos available for free on YouTube. All you need to do is follow along. Do you have anything better to do today? Then why not invest in your body?

20. Pray or Meditate

Prayer and meditation can connect us with God or a higher power if you prefer the term. It’s good for us to stay humble, be grateful for the things we have and remember that even though sometimes the world feels like it revolves around us, it doesn’t.

Don’t Think, Just Pick one

The day is slipping away! Stop overanalyzing, pick something that sounds enjoyable, and have a memorable day. If the options above don’t appeal, here are some more:

  1. Make photo albums
  2. Create a second brain
  3. Learn ten phrases in a foreign language
  4. Have a picnic in a local park
  5. Start a new indoor hobby
  6. Visit a local museum
  7. Reread an old favorite book and build a reading habit
  8. Go for a bicycle ride
  9. Organize your computer’s hard drive
  10. Visit a local farmers’ market
  11. Plan a long weekend to Vegas
  12. Make a birthday present for someone you love
  13. Visit local popular tourist sites you’ve never been to
  14. Make Ice cream
  15. Play old board games

Originally from the U.K, Greg has lived in Asia for over 15 years. Fluent in a handful of languages, he ran a management consultancy before creating Face Dragons. He spends his time now traveling around Asia, writing, taking photos, and drinking coffee.