You Need to Know How to Spot a Sigma Male

The most common description of the sigma male is the lone wolf. He’s alone because he wants to be, not because others have shunned him.

The sigma male has all the traits to succeed at whatever he sets his mind to. He’s hardworking, self-motivated, and constantly improving.

He doesn’t need your approval. Unlike the alpha, the sigma male doesn’t care what you think about him or what he does.

Sigmas are willing to go out on their own to have the experiences they  want. This might mean traveling or moving away to unknown places or becoming a digital slomad.

A sigma male doesn’t want to be told what to do and charming as he may  be he won’t be dominated. Making his own choices and being responsible  to no one is far too important to him.

Don’t misunderstand the sigma’s lack of desire to lead. When he wants to, he can turn it on and step up.

You never get the sense that a sigma male is putting on a social mask. You can imagine him talking the same way anyway.