Rainy Day Blues? Not Anymore: Things to Do on a Rainy Day

There’s a downpour outside, and you’re looking for some rainy-day  activities.  Don’t waste today because of  the bad weather.

Purge Your House

When you feel stuck at home, the best thing to do is concentrate on something you can control. Your house is a good example.

Play Retro Games

Retro gaming isn’t just a hobby for nerds! I love going back and playing the video games of my childhood. What were yours?

Explore New Music

How many of the 1000 greatest albums of all time have you listened to?  Scroll up to find the link


On rainy days, nothing beats filling your house with the smell of baking chocolate chip cookies or sourdough bread!

Start a Journal

A journal is more than just writing down what you do each day, although that can be therapeutic and fun to reflect on.

Go Out and Get Wet

There are fun things to do inside, but when it’s raining it doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. So you get a little wet.