Zen and the Art of Monk Mode: Ideas and Activities for Monk Mode

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Wake Up Early

It’s called monk mode because you’re supposed to live like a monk, so  you can’t wake up at 10 am and claim you’re still doing monk mode.


Fasting is a popular practice when doing monk mode. There are different types of fast you can do depending on your goals.


Perhaps the most common monk mode idea.

Social Media Cleanse

Constant social media consumption causes many mental and emotional issues. It also sucks up your time.

Quit Alcohol

Alcohol will slow your progress, make you sleep and wake later, and  reduce your productivity and performance. There’s  no upside.

Quit Sugar

Adding sugar to a cup of coffee or anything else you consume is a no-no, but what about products that contain sugar?


You can use the time you gain during monk mode to dive deep into a few areas you’ve always wanted to read.

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