The Power of Monk Mode in a Busy World 

Originally created in the early 2000s,  monk mode is an intense period of retreat. Retreating from the world to  focus on one or two meaningful things and make massive progress.

You don’t want to go into it unprepared, thinking, “I’ll start today and  see how long I can stick to it.” Of course, we all know how long that  will last.

Choose a Period of Time

The only way you’ll have the time, and mental energy to focus and make  massive progress on your goal is to remove all the other distractions  from your life.

Remove Distractions

let your friends and family know ahead of time that you have some  serious study to do and won’t see them for a couple of weeks (or however  long you decide.)

Stop Socializing

There are no decisions to be made, no emails to be answered, just you and your one task.

Focus on One Thing

If you want to make massive progress on a skill or hobby, Monk Mode is the best way to do it.

Aquire a New Skill

Monk Mode is the perfect opportunity to check something off your bucket list.

Something You Always Wanted to Do

Spending all your waking time dedicated to getting your business on its  feet will give you a much better chance of surviving that first year.

Start a Business

Why not use your monk mode to make quick progress and become qualified  faster so you can change careers or get an offer from your dream  company?

Training for a New Job