Pen, Paper & Power: Inspiring Journaling Ideas

All the writing ideas you could need for your next journal entry are in this post and if you need a prompt, you’ll find that too. Scroll up to get them all!

Write to yourself in the future

Tell your future self some of the things they have already forgotten  about who you are. Ask them about the accomplishments they have made  that are still in front of you.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is highly focused on what you do, rather than what you  think or feel. In your Bullet Journal, you “rapid log” tasks as you do  them

Write Your Eulogy

Writing your eulogy is a great exercise in thinking about who you wish to become. You can think about your life across different areas and what you would like to achieve

Write Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful catalysts to create change in your life.  By writing affirming  sentences, you give yourself the confidence and reminder of who you want  to be.

Write to an Imaginary Friend

Writing a journal like this is similar to a therapy session with a  therapist. They will usually start by asking you what’s on your mind and  how those things make you feel.

Keep a Food Diary

A food diary can be lots of fun, use a note-taking app that supports images so you can take photos of what you’ve eaten.

Start a Gratitude Journal

“Who am I grateful for today?” “What made me happy to be alive today?”