About Face Dragons

Face Dragons, founded in 2021, is an ageless guild of guiding knights dedicated to cladding you in armor, arming you with weapons, and teaching you the skills you need to face the challenges of life. We want to give our readers the knowledge and wisdom to become brave heroes capable of completing their life’s quests.

The Face Dragons Philosophy

The problems of life take the form of fiery dragons. By overcoming these dragons, you can become successful and build the meaningful, happy, and healthy life that you want.

Face Dragons is your sanctuary, your training ground, and your armory for the battles life throws your way.

No matter what goal you want to achieve, there are dragons you must face along the way.

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What is a Dragon?

You might not realize it, but there are dragons everywhere! Facing and overcoming them can bring you unimaginable treasure. Face Dragons will train you and arm you to face the fiercest dragons you will encounter.

Dragons take the most precious things from us (in literature, that’s gold, maidens, or princesses.) Dragons don’t live nearby; they often live in faraway castles, dungeons, or lairs. And they’re dangerous. They breathe fire and live to destroy.

Here at Face Dragons, we train you for these dragons:

  • The Dragon of Weakness
  • The Dragon of Ignorance
  • The Dragon of Meaninglessness
  • The Dragon of Inaction

OK, So What Does That Mean?

You know this story. You’ve heard it a million times. It lives in literature, mythology, and your favorite films.

  • It’s the story of Hercules and his twelve tasks that help him overcome the misery (and guilt) of losing Megara.
  • It’s the story of Harry Potter, who leaves his life behind to learn who he was meant to be to overcome Voldemort – a dragon.
  • It’s Simba who has to learn who he really is in another land to come back and defeat Scar.

Dragons Hoard Gold

Ever wondered why dragons are so fixated on hoarding gold or abducting fair maidens? Well, wonder no more.

Dragons symbolize life’s toughest challenges and the formidable obstacles we encounter on our journey. Much like navigating through ancient dungeons fraught with danger, facing these challenges head-on is the key to unlocking substantial rewards.

In essence, dragons represent the hardships that, when confronted and conquered, lead to the most extraordinary triumphs. Welcome to a realm where facing the fierce dragons of life results in untold riches and unparalleled growth.

Dragons Don’t Live Nearby

Looking for a dragon in your living room? Well, you won’t find one there.

To Face Dragons, a real St. George adventure is what you need. The journey may be long, but it’s on this road that you’ll gain the skills and know-how to come out victorious. Transformative quests are where success is forged.

Dragons Are Dangerous

Searching for an easy dragon to tackle? Sorry, it doesn’t exist.

Dragons are undeniably formidable, but Face Dragons is here to guide you on the path of developing the strength and courage needed to conquer them. Facing the most challenging dragons is where real growth begins.

The Dragon of Inaction

Gold: Success and Progress

One of life’s dragons is Inaction. This dragon attacks by making you lazy, unwilling, ineffective, or unproductive.

“A man is the sum of his actions.”

John Galsworthy

If you’re plagued with inaction, this may be a dragon you need to slay.

To face a dragon like Inaction, you must arm yourself with the right weapons and armor. Armor such as a lofty goal, a philosophy of action, and a system to make it happen:

Then, you must travel that long winding path towards the citadel, spending time honing your new skills, strengthening yourself by pushing through, and working on the days you don’t feel like it until you slide your blade beneath its scales and declare victory.

The spoils might be a successful business, a flourishing creative hobby, or a respected public life. The skills you learned on the way to the dragon enhance every area of your life because you can do more and be more.

The Dragon of Weakness

Gold: A Long and Healthy Life

The Dragon of Weakness waits for us all, brooding, binding its time, but it can strike any moment.

If we fortify ourselves, we can hold it off for years to come. On the way to the lair of the Dragon of Weakness, we can choose many different paths.

  • The Path of the Strong
  • The Way of Flexibility
  • The Road of Health

By choosing the path of the strong, you may choose to fortify yourself against the Dragon of Weakness by lifting weights and becoming stronger, building a body that can withstand. You can select the flexible way and create a yoga practice, building a body supple and agile enough to evade the attacks of the Dragon of Weakness. Or you may go down the road of the healthy eater, choosing a keto or paleo diet that will keep you in good shape to fend off the attacks of the dragon of Weakness.

The Dragon of Meaninglessness

Gold: A Meaningful Life

We’ve all had scuffles with this dragon over our lives. Sometimes life can seem empty, and you feel unfulfilled, but this is a dragon you can slay, just like the others.

It may take a lifestyle change to arm yourself enough to fight against this dragon. It may mean traveling the world, changing your job, or starting a family, but as you meander across the landscape, learning these things from the people you encounter, you will soon realize that you’re not the same person anymore.

You’ll discover that the dragon of meaningless doesn’t intimidate you anymore.

The Dragon of Ignorance

Gold: Knowledge & Good Decisions

This dragon wants to keep you dumb and making bad decisions.

The journey to get to this dragon is so long that you may never reach it, but the way is so colorful; the journey is worth it anyway. A reading habit is among the things you will use to go against this dragon. On this long road, you’ll meet characters that teach you truths you don’t have the time to uncover yourself.

Hector will teach you how to own the responsibility of having a family. Jung will show you why you do what you do, and Feynman will explain how the world works.

Bring Them Together & Become Stronger

The armor and blades you acquire as you prepare to face these fierce reptiles work harmoniously together. Growing more productive will aid you in gathering more knowledge allowing you to make better decisions for a meaningful life and motivating you to keep up with your diet and exercise, giving you more energy for…you get the point.

Deciding that you will face off against these dragons will spiral you upward.

The brainchild and passion project of Gregory Gaynor, Face Dragons also benefits from the knowledge and expertise of some of the best experts in their fields.

“Self-improvement and personal development isn’t enough, we want to turn people into legends!”

Gregory Gaynor

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