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Before contacting us to pitch for a guest post, ask for a link, or to advertise on Face Dragons, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines below.

Face Dragons

Face Dragons is a site dedicated to doing hard things and building the lifestyle you want. We have readers from all over the planet who come to us for the information and advice we give.

We’re serious about making progress with our goals but not above having some fun too.

If you’re a fan and not interested in working with us but still want to send an email with comments, questions, or ideas, go to the Contact Us page.

Guest Posts

Currently, Face Dragons only accepts guest posts from Money Mix Insiders.

Linking to You

Emails and pitches asking us to link to your blog post or website usually don’t make it past the spam filter. If you’re a real person and want to talk seriously, that’s one thing, but spam will end up where it belongs.

Please don’t send us your infographic for links or to review; Face Dragons does their own research.

Guest posts on behalf of corporate blogs or websites or posts written to lead readers to purchase a product or service would fall under our guidelines for paid placements.

If that’s you, please read on.

All paid placements start at $500; sorry, we won’t negotiate on this. When you hit send, keep that in mind.

If you do want to pitch a post, here’s how:

  1. Put your name and website in the email – emails without this basic info go straight into the spam folder.
  2. Check out Face Dragons so you know what we cover and what we don’t.
  3. Pitch a few ideas relevant to the site.
  4. Will you promote the post after it’s published? If so, where?
  5. State your budget.

Then send it to [email protected]

Please Note

Any guest posts you submit to Face Dragons will become the property of Face Dragons. By submitting a guest post, you give Face Dragons full rights in perpetuity to your submission and permission to syndicate and/or distribute the post across partner blogs and sites, social media, and editorial sites.