Face Inaction

Face Weakness

Man in Taekwondo Uniform Front Kick

Every Taekwondo Kick (with Korean Names)

You’ve found this page because you want to know all the taekwondo kicks with their Korean names. You’re in the right place. I became a Taekwondo black belt over 20 years ago and created this list with explanations for every taekwondo kick so you could learn them at home. Taekwondo Kicks With Their Korean Names…

Man Throwing Punch with Boxing Gloves

What You Need to Know About MMA Training

It might surprise you to find out that more than half of an MMA fighter’s training can be done alone. This may sound plain wrong for the average practitioner who goes to classes twice a week. Their MMA training consists mostly of learning techniques followed by some short sparring sessions. There’s a whole lot more…

Face Emptiness

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