Face Emptiness

Find articles here about how to face the dragon of emptiness by creating a more meaningful life.

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11 Lasting Lifestyles You Can Live Longterm

“Oh Danny? Yeah he’s nice.” You don’t want to be Danny. After 25 years of friendship, that’s all his best … Read More
Expat Burnout: My Advice After 17 Years

Expat Burnout: Time to Go Home? My Advice After 17 Years

After living in Asia for 17 years, I’ve often thought about moving back home. Sometimes, it’s because I miss family … Read More
Simple Living - Laying listening to music

Face Fewer Dragons with Simple Living

When I think about who might be reading this, I think of someone like me. Someone trying to be the … Read More
Kung Fu Movies

20 Best Kung Fu Movies You Must Watch Before You Die

Here at Face Dragons, we are not just about work work work; it’s important to take time off and do … Read More
Hippy Gamma Male

The Gamma Male Personality: Modern-Day Hippy

Gamma males are among the seven male personalities from the socio-sexual or dominant hierarchy. They are close to the bottom … Read More
Zata male at table

The Zeta Male: Newest Kid on the Block: And How to Surpass Him

The zeta male is the latest male personality type to be added to the socio-sexual hierarchy. However, there is still … Read More
Men having a conversation

4 Golden Rules for Good Conversation Starters (With Examples)

When you first meet someone at a social gathering or professional setting, the last thing you want is awkwardness. You … Read More
Alpha male

Conquer the Alpha Male: Understand the Alpha Personality

You’re standing in a room talking when someone comes in and makes himself known; the attention of the room instantly … Read More
Happy Man, a beta male

Beta Male: Societies Doormat Or Just Misunderstood?

Calling someone a beta male is a common insult, but is it misplaced? I explore where the beta male really … Read More
Male personality Types

Alpha to Zeta: Male Personality Types (with Celebrity Examples)

There are only a few types of males you meet in your day-to-day life. Though it might seem impossible to … Read More
Hobbies for Men

Hobbies for Men: Find a Pastime to Make You a Man

Looking for a new hobby or something rewarding to do with your free time? You’ll find them on this list … Read More
Spontaneous Things to Do

27 Spontaneous Things to Do: Banish the Boredom

No one wants to be that person, the one who does the same thing day in and day out and … Read More
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