Face Emptiness

Find articles here about how to face the dragon of emptiness by creating a more meaningful life.

Spontaneous Things to Do

27 Spontaneous Things to Do: Banish the Boredom

No one wants to be that person, the one that does the same thing day in and day out and …

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family in nature

11 Outdoor Activities With Kids For Nature Lovers

With all the technological advances of our time, the outdoors is starting to feel like a foreign environment. It’s not …

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Chore Chart

Family Chore Chart Ideas for All Ages to Get Everyone Helping

Do you feel like a broken record, constantly nagging everyone to pick up their clutter over and over? Instead of …

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Hobbies for Men in Their 30s

Hobbies for Men in Their 30s: Things Change, So Should You

You’re not in your 20s anymore, but that doesn’t mean life has to be boring. On the contrary, you can …

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

20 Awesome Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Have you ever had a teacher who made a difference in your life? They may have inspired you to pursue …

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Gifts for Foodies

35 Best Gifts for Foodies in Your Life

Finding the perfect gifts for foodies can be intimidating, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Sometimes it’s …

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Hobbies for Men in Their 20s

Hobbies for Men in Their 20s: Man Up!

A man’s 20s is a golden opportunity to become the man he wants to be. No longer a child but …

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Hobbies for nerds

Hobbies for Nerds: A Journey Through Geekdom

Geek nerds are no longer the socially awkward, obsessive comic book collectors they once were. OK, that’s not entirely true, …

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Extroverted Introvert

Who is the Extroverted Introvert in Your Social Group?

Are you unsure as to whether you or someone close to you is introverted or extroverted? Perhaps their shyness seems …

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Christmas Office party

20 Fun and Festive Office Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking about your office Christmas party. Not …

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Meal Prep

Best Meal Prep Tips for Busy Moms

Sports practices, music lessons, and other kids’ activities can throw a wrench in your meal plans. Fast food and takeout …

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Scary Stories for Kids

20 Scary Stories For Kids To Entertain and Spook Them

Reading scary stories for kids aloud can be great for a Halloween story or any time of the year! It’s …

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