Best Jobs for Introverts: Work Towards Better Mental Health

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Are you looking for a new job but feel anxious about all the new people you need to meet, the uncomfortable situation you’ll be in, not knowing what to say? This post will point you in the right direction with jobs that require minimal social interaction. In this post, I explore 20 of the best jobs for introverts.

There are many things to consider when applying for jobs: location, requirements, salary, etc. Of course, they are all important, but you should be a bit pickier and consider your personality type too.

Table of Contents

  1. What Strengths and Weaknesses Do Introverts Have in the Workplace?
  2. What Jobs Should Introverts Avoid?
  3. The 20 Best Jobs For Introverts

What Strengths and Weaknesses Do Introverts Have in the Workplace?

Introverts and introverted extroverts have their own unique set of personality characteristics, and although everyone is different, there are some common to most introverts.


  • Introverts are often highly reflective, making them good decision-makers
  • They enjoy working independently
  • They are often better writers than talkers
  • They are good listeners
  • They make fewer but stronger connections


  • Introverts are less likely to alert colleagues to problems
  • They find teamwork draining
  • Not confident speaking to clients or customers
  • Unlikely to socialize with colleagues outside work

What Jobs Should Introverts Avoid?

There are jobs that introverts should avoid; these are roles that rely on a highly social work life or have little alone time. It’s important to try not to get stuck in an occupation that doesn’t fit your personality. Some introverts may feel drained after intense social activity, for example. Staying in an occupation like this long-term could affect their mental health.

  • Sales
  • Client/Customer facing
  • Open Plan Office
  • Teamwork

The 20 Best Jobs For Introverts

All salary averages are quoted from ZipRecruiter, accurate July 2022

1. Veterinarian

Average Annual Salary $105,500

It’s common for introverts, who struggle dealing with people all day, to love dealing with animals. For these types of introverts, a job as a veterinarian is a perfect choice.

Vets will need to talk to owners who come into the clinic, but the circumstances they meet suit even the most introverted people. You can meet them in a familiar environment with many advantages.

  • Usually, only one at a time.
  • Minimal small talk is required.
  • Most of the focus is on the animal.
  • Being a veterinarian is also a well-paid and highly respected job.

2. Translator

Average Annual Salary $66,800

Translating is a dream job for introverts who are linguistically inclined. If you have foreign language skills or are learning a new language now, a job as a translator might suit you well, even if you’re highly introverted.

Online jobs doing translation are easy to find with freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. If you like to work from home, this could be the ideal job.

3. Photo Editor

Average Annual Salary $36,400

Editing photo after photo is a task best done alone. You need to focus and be ultimately in tune with the edits you’re making. All you need is a laptop and somewhere private to sit and work, making this one of the best jobs for introverts, especially if you’re visually inclined.

Starting up as a photo editor isn’t all that difficult either. There are free equivalents to the pro software, such as Darktable and Gimp, so you don’t need to spend much to get started. An account on a skill-selling website such as Fiverr or Upwork is all you need.

4. Illustrator

Average Annual Salary $60,900

I recently had some illustrations drawn up for a book I’ve made. I ordered them from a seller on Fiverr. I wouldn’t have known if the seller was introverted or not, as she barely said anything to me for the six weeks she was drawing and making edits. Perhaps that’s because she was an introvert!

If you have an affinity for drawing or art in general, a job as an illustrator or digital artist could be something you could enjoy without forcing too much social interaction on you.

5. Coder

Average Annual Salary $61,700

If you’re job hunting for a new job coding, computer programming, or being a software engineer, you will be well suited if you have introverted personality traits. Though you will still need to talk to the other people working on your latest project, the time you spend coding alone plays to an introvert’s strengths.

  • Deep focused work
  • Problem Solving
  • Independent work

You don’t need a computer science degree to find a job as a computer programmer either. The most important things will always be skills and experience. You can learn the skills at home by yourself and gain plenty of experience working on Open Source projects online.

6. Web Developer

Average Annual Salary $68,500

Like the coding job above, being a web designer requires much of the same skill-set and is suitable for an introvert for the same reasons. Design skill is the most significant difference between a coder and a web dev. While a coder may mainly focus on the logic of a program, a web dev needs to make it look beautiful too.

Even with the best code behind the scenes, if a website doesn’t look the way a client wants, it’s just not right.

These two jobs, coding, and web development cover the bases for introverts who are most right-brained and those that are most left-brained, i.e., logical vs. artistic; which are you?

7. Writer

Average Annual Salary $56,000

Can you see yourself sitting at a desk, a cup of coffee to one side, typing away at your keyboard all day? If this scene is enticing, you’re certainly an introvert and should consider becoming a writer. There are many different types of writers, so it’s OK if you don’t see yourself as the next Milton. Look at this list of various writing jobs and see which feels like a better fit.

  • Author of Novels
  • Non-fiction
  • Reporting 
  • Blog posts
  • Sales copy

Whatever type of writer you think you are, there is a way forward for you. Try it out. It doesn’t take much; take out your laptop and start writing.

8. Blogger

Average Annual Salary $38,600

A blogger and a freelance blog writer are two completely different jobs, though it’s easy to think of them as the same; they’re both writing a blog post, right?

Blogging isn’t only writing blog posts. They’re running their own business and must carry out every function a business needs to survive. That includes writing blog posts but also much more.

  • Writing Posts
  • Editing
  • Marketing
  • Web development
  • Server Administration
  • Networking with other bloggers
  • Finances
  • Engaging with Readers

With all that work, finding the correct time management tools is a must!

Of course, many bloggers will outsource some of these jobs to others, but you might have to do them all when you start. If that doesn’t scare you off, becoming a blogger can be a rewarding career for an introvert. For the most part, you can hide behind your keyboard and work from anywhere you’d like.

9. Psychiatrist

Average Annual Salary $270,100

Fraiser was my favorite TV show when I was a kid, and although I loved Kelsey Grammer’s hilarious rants, I always connected much more with his timid brother, Niles. Perhaps one of the reasons for the show’s success was the balance of Niles’ introverted character with Fraiser’s more extroverted and outspoken role. In the show, both were psychiatrists, though Niles had a private clinical practice while Frasier practiced live on air on local radio.

A psychiatrist’s work plays into the hands of an introspective introvert quite well.

  • One-on-one work
  • Client and familiar environment
  • More listening than speaking
  • Lots of reflection and analysis required

10. Accountant

Average Annual Salary $56,700

You probably already have a good idea of what an accountant does; if it sounds like you, find out how to become an accountant.

  • Ensure financial statements are accurate
  • Check financial statements comply with laws and regulations
  • Prepare tax returns
  • Inspect accounting books and systems to check for completeness

11. Researcher

Average Annual Salary $53,200

Becoming a scientific researcher is usually not something you can decide to be on a whim, so if you’re thinking of changing your career path, this isn’t a quick fix unless you have the right qualifications.

That said, if you are into the sciences, are currently studying science, or already have a career related to the sciences, a pivot to become a researcher may be precisely what you need. Researchers are usually funded by companies doing research. The job mainly requires you to do some experimentation while recording your results. 

At the end of a course or experiment the results you write up your findings and move on to the following research assignment. It’s great to work for someone who’s shy or doesn’t like talking to people. There is a high barrier to entry, though.

12. Librarian

Average Annual Salary $52,000

When people think of an introvert, one of their first thoughts may be a librarian, and that’s for a good reason! Librarian is, in many ways, the perfect job for an introverted person. However, there’s a limited number of simple interactions with people you need to perfect as a librarian they include.

  • Checking books out
  • Checking books in
  • Finding a book for someone
  • Managing memberships and late fees

These are easy to master social interactions, even for the most introverted people. Outside of serving customers, you will spend most of your time organizing books and shhh-ing noisy teenagers. Do you have a strong reading habit? Perhaps a career as a librarian is for you.

13. Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary $44,700

While graphic designers need to talk to their clients, most of their work is done alone in the studio, drawing up designs and creating them digitally. It’s the kind of slow, deliberate work that introverts excel at. Of course, it takes a certain amount of artistic ability, too, but if that’s you, this may be the perfect job for an introvert.

14. IT Specialist

Average Annual Salary $54,000

While working in Information Technology isn’t always like the IT Crowd sitcom, there are likely many similarities. Your colleagues are also likely to be geeks, nerds, or some kind of introvert. You’ll all be located together in an IT department office (We just had an IT corner in the marketing room), and people will only invade your space when they need your help.

I held an IT job in a large multinational company for years. My experience was that no one bothered me as long as my work got done. As an introverted person, this suited me well.

15. Landscape Designer Gardener

Average Annual Salary $55,100

While a graphic designer is an excellent job if you’re artistic and introverted, being a landscape designer is the best job if you’re introverted and have a green thumb. Regardless of whether you’re an introvert r not, you have to be interested in and have passion for a job to make it a good fit. For someone who’s socially anxious and loves being outside, getting their hands dirty, and making something look beautiful, a job as a landscape designer is a perfect fit.

16. Social Media Manager

Average Annual Salary $48,800

Many introverts find talking through their screen much more manageable than face-to-face. If that describes you, then working in social media management would be a suitable job. There are so many job opportunities in this field right now. You can find job listings for content managers, social media managers, and social content marketing.

With so much demand for people with social media skills, you can easily find a recruiter that allows working from home if that’s something you’re interested in. Flexjobs and part-time positions are common, too, as long as you make money for the company.

17. Data Entry

Average Annual Salary $41,300

Data entry jobs are usually bottom of the pile, but everyone has to start somewhere. As a first job, it’s not bad if you’re looking for something where you don’t need to spend much time interacting with colleagues or customers. Introverts tend to have more attention to detail and more ability to focus on one task at length, but even then, you may not enjoy data entry much.

On the other hand, data entry is now a job you can freelance for because it’s mostly an online job, so you could be doing it from home and working only the hours you want. Signing up for an account with Fiverr or Upwork is all you need to become a freelance data entry clerk.

18. Undertaker

Average Annual Salary $52,000

I don’t know; this seems one of the creepiest ways to make money, no matter your personality type.

19. Dog Sitter or Dog Walker

Average Annual Salary $34,300

If you love animals but don’t have the patience or desire to become a veterinarian, finding a job walking dogs or looking after them may be just as rewarding. There are no education requirements, and you can get paid to play fetch in the park!

You may not get a fancy job title, but you do get to work alone, and you’ll never have to telecommute again! Try out these sites for new jobs with pets.

20. Truck Driver

Average Annual Salary $51,900

If you don’t mind the idea of being stuck inside the cab of a truck all day, sleeping at truck stops, and being away from home often, a job as a truck driver could be an excellent choice for an introvert. You get to spend all day driving alone with your thoughts, and you don’t need a college degree to drive a truck.

Even with the birth of self-driving cars, truck drivers are still needed, especially to navigate the trickier roads in densely populated areas. For now, drivers are still required and will ride along with AIs as it drives on long open highways/interstates in the near future.