The Zeta Male: Newest Kid on the Block: And How to Surpass Him

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The zeta male is the latest male personality type to be added to the socio-sexual hierarchy. However, there is still some confusion about what a zeta male is and how he differs from the other personalities lower on the dominance hierarchy. Find out everything you need to know about the zeta male, his personality traits, and how to surpass him.

What Is a Zeta Male?

Although not the last letter in the Greek alphabet (that’s omega,) the zeta male is at the bottom of the masculine pecking order:

Zeta males tend to reject societal norms and have an overly confident self-image. They tend to be younger men who haven’t earned their place in society yet and usually develop into gamma males or sigma males, depending on how hard they are willing to work.

In many ways, the zeta male is just a transitionary position, a man who hasn’t yet developed into who he could be.

Zeta Male Characteristics

Understanding the zeta male is useful, as is learning a little about personalities in general, because you either are a zeta male or likely to meet one day.

Recognizing that you are a zeta male is a helpful first step to getting yourself off the bottom wrung of the social ladder. However, only after you see the personality traits in yourself can you start to change them and become something more than a zeta male.

On the other hand, if you’re not a zeta male, perhaps you know someone who is, and you can either help them mature into a sigma male or at least know how to deal with the immature zeta.

The key is recognizing these common zeta-male characteristics.

Zeta Males Reject Traditional Values

Zeta males tend to be nonconforming to societal norms, and this usually manifests in the following ways:

Stay Single: With the help of technology like Tinder, Zeta males are more likely to take on multiple short-term partners rather than being monogamous and having a relationship with one person.

Don’t Want Children: As young single men, it should be no surprise that zeta males don’t want children. However, as they get older and the females in their lives start to want families, this is likely to change, and the zeta male may have to adjust or move up the hierarchy.

Progressive Views: Without the life experience that older men have to guide them, zeta males tend to fall back on the progressive views of the culture. They want to be seen as good, moral people, so their choices often reflect an attitude of “whatever encounters the least resistance.”

Anti-Religion – Forgetting seeing Zeta males in church on Sundays. Anti-For zetas, religion is a traditional value that doesn’t align with the zeta male’s modern outlook. Most, however, have rejected religion without actually understanding it and instead adopted a secular subjective morality they don’t understand.

Zetas Refuse Responsibility

Success and responsibility go hand in hand. So when zeta men refuse the responsibility of a stable job, hard work, healthy relationships, and shouldering their own financial burden, they ultimately refuse success too.

Many men with the zeta mindset still rely on their parents for financial support. Despite being in their 20s and 30s, many still live at home or rent somewhere near family. The gamma male tends to pack up his things and leave home while the zeta, just below gamma, stays hoping to be looked after as if he were still a child.

Prefers Freedom

Who doesn’t like the idea of being free? Free from burden, free from responsibility, and free to do whatever you want! Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work this way. It’s taking on the responsibility of a career or business and a family that gives us the freedom to do what we like. You can’t do much without money, and earning money means taking on responsibility.

So if you meet a guy that expects his parents or friends to do things for him, but when it’s time for him to repay, the favor just takes off because he wants to do his own thing or can’t be bothered, you know you’ve met a zeta male.

Discipline Equals Freedom!

Open Minded

Zeta males aren’t all bad, though! They have tons of potential and really can move anywhere in the hierarchy if they want to. This is in part because they are very open-minded. They reject traditional values or decide to go their own way (even if it means just listening to the zeitgeist) because they are open to new ideas.

Zeta males are thinkers and self-aware enough to realize that they are intelligent beyond most of the other people they meet. This gives them confidence. Unfortunately, without the conscientiousness to do the work that the new idea requires, they remain at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy.

When they finally realize this and decide to put in some focused effort, they can quickly up the male pecking order.

How to Escape Being a Zeta Male

Become an Alpha Male

Confidence, extroversion, and shouldering responsibility are the main characteristics of an alpha male.

The zeta male already has confidence, and extroversion is something you either have or don’t. If you do, all you need to do is start taking on some responsibility, and you’ll be on your way to the top of the hierarchy. Here are some ways you can take on more responsibility and move up toward becoming an alpha:

  • Get a job and go beyond what is expected of you.
  • Encourage others to see your vision and motivate them to make it a reality.
  • Join social clubs and take on any leadership roles available.
  • Be the person that brings your friends together by inviting them and organizing social functions.
  • Take it upon yourself to deal with problems that your friends or family have.

Become a Sigma Male

Sigma males are also high-value leaders but differ from alphas in many ways. They aren’t extroverts; they prefer to be alone. They’re highly intelligent and willing to put in hard days of work every day.

Most Zeta males are already intelligent enough to be Sigma men. Becoming an alpha may be better if they’re extroverted, but if they’re introverted, they can become the lone wolf, the sigma. All a zeta needs to do is put in the work required, and they can quickly go from the bottom of the scale to beyond the scale. Here are five steps to get there:

  1. Figure out what you want
  2. Make a Stretch Goal
  3. Break the goal down into projects and tasks
  4. Plan or schedule the tasks
  5. Work flat out until you achieve it

Become a Gamma Male

Gammas and zetas share a lot in common, and although it’s easy to become a gamma male, it’s probably not something to aspire to. However, it is a move in the right direction for many zeta males.

Gammas love their freedom like zetas, they don’t like conformity, like zetas, and they both want to go their own way. The one thing that separates them is independence. While gamma males often choose to leave home and explore the world (or the country,) zetas stay where it’s comfortable.

So for a zeta to graduate into a gamma male, they just need to become a little more adventurous and take on some independence. This might mean you need to start washing your clothes or earning your own money, but you’ll figure that out as you go.

Final Thoughts Don’t Stress the Zeta Male

After reading this article, if you’ve realized that you’re a zeta male, don’t stress! You can evolve past this temporary phase of misguided masculinity. There are stronger personalities ahead of you. You simply need to put in the effort to change who you are and become someone better.