11 Uncommon Hobbies for Families (and 41 More!)

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Do you have bored kids at home or want to find a unique hobby the whole family could do together? Here are 11 of the more interesting hobbies for families. The hobbies in this list are different enough that even your teenagers will look up from their phones.

If you want a list with the same few suggestions, this post is not for you! You’ll find no:

  • Origami
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Coin collecting

I guess you’ve already thought of those, and they weren’t successful. But in this post, you’ll find some interesting family hobby ideas you probably haven’t thought of, something totally new that the family will enjoy.

Family Friendly Hobbies at Home for All Ages

Inside Hobbies for Families

These fun family activities are all interests and hobbies you can do indoors and at home. So if you don’t have the time in your schedule (or the energy) for outdoor activities, these lesser-known indoor activities are the perfect way to spend your free time.

Don’t find anything for you? I have a mega list of the 86 best indoor hobbies.

1. Build a Robot

There is so much your kids can learn from building a robot, like design skills, woodworking, metalworking, electrical circuits, coding, testing and iterating, and so much more. Building a fully functioning robot could be a hobby that lasts months, and when you’re done, months more playing with it.

Alternatively, you could make another robot and fight them!

2. Competitive Memory

Learning memory skills is an essential part of any child’s education. Unfortunately, most schools don’t teach them but expect lots of memorization, which is puzzling.

Competitive memory games are a great way to teach your children how to use their memory while having fun competing with other family members. Here are a few techniques you can learn:

  • The loci method
  • The journey method
  • Pegging Technique
  • The Major System
  • PAO system

3. Stop Motion Movies

Stop-motion videos are fun for the whole family to get involved in filmmaking. The concept is simple, take a photo of your scene, move your characters a little and take another shot. Then, string all the images together with stop motion editing software to see your finished movie.

  • Search the app store for “stop motion” and start making movies with your family as cast and crew.

4. DnD

Dungeons and Dragons is the ultimate family game. You can pick up anytime and continue your game for years if you want to. The longest-running game of DnD is Robert Wardhaugh’s game; it’s been going for over 40 years!

To play DnD, someone needs to be a dungeon master, and everyone else can play whatever character they like. The story is created collaboratively between the DM and the players. You’ll need a few things to get started. Find them here.

5. Writing a Novel Together

Writing a novel is a huge undertaking, but you can make it a lot more fun and a lot less work by sharing the writing with your family. Rather than giving everyone a chapter to write and trying to stitch them together, create the story collaboratively.

Give each family member a character and put them in a scene, talk through it and ask your family what their character would do or say. Don’t forget to take notes so you can write them up later.

6. Juggling & Circus Arts

Circus arts is more than just juggling! There is something for every member of the family in this unusual hobby. Little ones may enjoy plate spinning, while older children may be ready for the challenge of learning to juggle.

For teens who wan’t something a little more exciting, introduce them to fire sticks, swallowing swords or the German wheel!

  • Diabolo
  • Plate spinning
  • Tightwire walking
  • German wheel
  • Devil sticks
  • Unicycle
  • Rolla bolla
  • Clowning
  • Acrobatics

Outside Hobbies for Family Fun

Outside Hobbies for Families

Starting a new hobby with your family is one thing, but trying to get them outside and into the sunshine is another. There are many outdoor hobbies your children have tried in the past but these outdoor family activities will get your kids excited!

7. Ultimate Frisbee

No, it’s not the 90s anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play ultimate frisbee!

First, find yourself a quality frisbee suitable for ultimate frisbee. Then, learn a couple of moves and take the family out to the park or out back if you have the space.

The great thing about playing frisbee is everyone can join in. Toddlers will enjoy picking it up and throwing it, and teenagers can try the advanced moves. And Mom and Dad can play without getting too exhausted!

Try these moves out first:

  • The Hammer
  • The Scoober
  • The Backhand
  • The Chicken Wing

8. Geocaching

Geocaching is an intriguing new pastime. It brings orienteering skills and the adventure of treasure hunting or metal detecting together into a fun family hobby. Download the app to find out where the nearest cache is hidden.

Anyone can hide a cache. Inside, you’ll often find a log, and you can sign it to prove you found the cache; occasionally, you may also find treasure! Walking around searching for potential treasure is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family.

Of course, the kids will love the anticipation and expectation of unearthing a new cache; they won’t even realize all the exercise they’re getting.

9. Survival Weekend

Going camping is fun, but a survival weekend is exhilarating! Teach the family what life was like before you could buy whatever you wanted at the supermarket.

A survival weekend is camping with minimal equipment. Could you build your shelter? Then leave the tent at home! Could you find food and water?

Be realistic about what you can achieve, and as you build up your survival skills, you’ll find you need to take less and less with you.

If you want to get your kids excited about a weekend without devices, this is how to do it!

10. Quiddich

Yes, really! You can play quidditch in real life and become like your favorite Harry Potter characters.

  • 2 Teams of seven players on broomsticks
  • Score points by placing the quaffle into the opponents baskets
  • Play ends when the golden snitch is caught.

If anyone in your family is a Harry Potter fan, this game is going to appeal to them. You may need to gather some people and equipment for a full game as at least 14 people are needed plus referees. Fin the full rules here.

11. Flower Pressing

Flower pressing isn’t as popular as it once was, but it’s still a great way to get the family out and into nature. Then, back home, they get to let their creative juices flow and make something truly unique.

It all starts looking for beautiful petals, flowers, and leaves. Once you get into the spirit, you’ll find yourself invested in finding the perfect petal to make your idea come to life.

Once you’re home with a bag full of nature, pull out your flower and petals and put them into a flower press. If you don’t have one, you might be able to make one with some odd pieces of wood and a clamp, or a big book and some weights.

Once the petals are flat and dry, you can design a fantastic piece of art.

Remember, you can combine flower pressing with paint, glitter, or any artistic or crafting technique to make something special.

The Best Family Hobbies

If you’ve already gone through this list and haven’t found something to try with your family yet, take heart! Here is a list of hobbies with dozens more common crafts and family hobbies that may be for you.

  1. Make TikTok videos together
  2. Grow your own food
  3. Play board games
  4. Take martial arts classes
  5. Attend local sporting events
  6. Learn magic
  7. Rubik’s Cube
  8. Meet in a VR world
  9. Play video games
  10. Build go karts
  11. Astronomy
  12. Gardening
  13. Scrapbooking
  14. Flying fighting kites
  15. Birdwatching
  16. Volunteering
  17. Kayaking
  18. Paddleboarding
  19. Ice Skating
  20. Roller Skating
  21. Coloring books or painting by numbers
  22. Hiking
  23. Mini-golf
  24. Bowling
  25. Knitting
  26. Horseback riding
  27. Balloon animals
  28. Laser tag
  29. Genealogy
  30. Learn a language
  31. Learn a musical instrument
  32. Surfing
  33. Biking
  34. Chess
  35. Climbing
  36. Archery
  37. Sailing
  38. Sledding
  39. Model Building
  40. Mahjong
  41. The game of go