Hobbies for Men in Their 30s: Things Change, So Should You

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You’re not in your 20s anymore, but that doesn’t mean life has to be boring. On the contrary, you can pick up many hobbies for the first time in your thirties. But you’re not the same person you were ten years ago, and your leisure activities reflect this. These hobbies for men in their 30s are some of the most rewarding things you can do.

The thirties are characterized by having less time. After a few years into a career, you’re expected to put in more time to become a powerhouse in your field. And at home, you may be considering getting married or starting a family, all of which require your time.

So for men in their 30s, there are four types of hobbies to consider:

  • Hobbies for meeting people
  • Hobbies you can do with what little time you have
  • Hobbies you can do with your families
  • Occasional hobbies for when you need time alone to recharge

More than just a list of hobbies, these hobbies for men in their 30s will help you create a balanced life with these pastimes you can continue for decades to come.

Hobbies for Single Men in Their 30s

Getting out of your comfort zone, overcoming awkwardness, and trying to meet people come naturally for some. Still, if you’re shy or an extroverted introvert, you might not enjoy meeting new people. These hobbies are for you.

So delete the dating apps and online dating sites and use these hobbies as ways to meet new people.

Join a Fitness Class

Women indeed tend to join the classes while men wander around the gym, hoping to bump into the machine that turns them into Greek Gods. An Australian study found that 75% of fitness class attendees were female.

But nothing stops you from joining the spin class, aerobics, or dance/boxing-inspired exercise class. Just don’t expect to make new acquaintances in your first class. Instead, concentrate on the class and commit to it for a few months. Then, you’ll naturally get to know the other regulars without seeming creepy.


Giving back to the community is one thing that separates mature men from the rest. You don’t need to be wildly successful to start giving back, either. All you need is to offer some of your time.

If you enjoy meeting people or want to meet someone kindhearted and humble, becoming a volunteer and doing some charity work is for you. Charities are a great place to meet people for personal reasons and might also help expand your social circle. In addition, big corporations and local governments often have a hand in keeping charities afloat.

Ask at your local church or look for volunteering opportunities near you online.

Turn Your Interests into a Social Hobby

Ultimately if you want to use a new pastime as a way to meet people, you must figure out what you enjoy.

You might be able to make friends at a local chess club, but if you hate playing chess, it will be a challenge to connect with those people. So be honest with yourself. If you want to introduce yourself to new people but only love playing video games or some other hobbies for nerds, you may need to find a retro gaming club or an esports team near you.

If you only want to do outdoor hobbies and are passionate about skiing, don’t join a reading club. Instead, find a nearby dry slope and meet someone with the same interests. You might meet the snowboarding single of your dreams.

Hobbies for Men in Their 30s that Require Little Time Investment

Between work commitments and starting a family, many men in their thirties feel like they don’t have time to start a new hobby. Instead, fit new things into your life when bored at home rather than an activity requiring time and travel. Choosing indoor hobbies makes the most sense when you’re pressed for time. Here are three great examples.


There is a positive correlation between how much someone reads and how much they earn. The lowest earners in society tend to be those that read the least. In contrast, many millionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Oprah are book lovers.

Imagine having Warren Buffet or David Allen as a personal mentor. You can. Buy their book, and you can learn the secrets that made them successful. Things that took them a lifetime to learn are all available for you. All you have to do is read it.

Experts agree that children are more likely to enjoy reading if their parents have a regular reading habit. So if you want your kids to be avid readers, you must set a good example with a reading habit every day.


There are plenty of sports and exercise routines that you could do, so why focus on yoga?

You must be in good shape if you want to do anything more strenuous than throw and catch with your children.

When you’re thirty, you feel indestructible, but by the time you’re forty, you’ll start to have pains and aches that are a natural sign of aging.

Yoga is a great way to strengthen your smaller stabilization muscles while maintaining flexibility. This not only means that you’re less likely to get injured but that you’ll be able to perform like an athlete without hurting yourself in the future.


Why guitar? Why not the piano or the tuba?

First off, the barrier to entry is lower, you probably have a guitar lying around in the garage or attic, and if you don’t, you can buy one cheaply. It’s unlikely you have a spare piano or another musical instrument.

Second, there is less of a learning curve. Most guitar players can’t read music and have no intention of learning. Third, you’ll have more fun with your kids with a guitar.

Learn three chords, and you can play and sing along with your kids to their favorite songs.

Hobbies You Can Do With Your Family

Forget trying to spend time on a new hobby after the little ones are in bed. You’ll be exhausted anyway. Instead, find hobbies that you can do with them. Pull them away from the screens and create some unforgettable moments.


Baking is a hobby with enough to learn for a lifetime. Making bread or other baked goods is relaxing and enjoyable, and afterward, you have cookies, cakes, or bread to eat!

Kids love baking because making them is fun, decorating them is creative, and the promise of eating them is always on the horizon. So make some simple, no-recipe cookies. Just mix any of these ingredients and bake them. As long as they have enough sugar in them, your kids will love them.

  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Oil
  • Chocolate

Once you get the baking bug, watch shows like The Great British Bake Off with the family to get some more ideas.

Foreign Language

Trying to start learning a foreign language alone when your time is limited is tough. But by making it a family activity, you can all learn while spending quality time together.

Let’s face it, there are days when you want to do something with your kids but don’t know what, and it’s all too easy to let the day pass and feel regret that another day slipped you by. Don’t let that happen again.

Learning a language is something that you can do together for years, and it doesn’t have to be memorizing conjugations or reading a grammar textbook.

  • Watch a movie in your target language
  • Learn to sing a song
  • Dedicate one afternoon a week to speaking only your language
  • Find a native speaker online to chat to


Traveling the world with your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences. But you don’t have to book flights to enjoy this new hobby. A road trip to a new city for a weekend or going camping are great ways to explore new places without breaking the bank.

Make fantastic travel memories everywhere you go so you can reflect on the places you visited when you’re stuck at home.

Hobbies for Men Who Need a Break

Sometimes you need to find like-minded people to meet up with or make new friends when you need a break from your life. That’s OK. Your thirties are a busy time, and so much is expected of you. Just remember that building breaks into your lifestyle is a tool so you can come back stronger.


Of course, smoking cigars is not a healthy habit to start, but many don’t realize the benefits of cigar smoking.

First, you can’t smoke around your kids, and your partner likely won’t want to sit with you while you smoke. So cigar smoking will give you alone time by default.

There are reasons many thoughtful people were cigar smokers. An average-sized cigar might take you an hour to smoke. That’s an hour for you to sit alone with your thoughts, reflecting on things that have happened recently and things you want to get done in the future.

Weight Lifting

Going to the gym and lifting some heavy weights might not be everyone’s idea of something to do when you need a break. But for many, time alone at the gym is valuable and the space they need to return and be better husbands and fathers.

A regular gym habit is also the cornerstone of staying fit so you can keep up with your kids and have the energy to be successful at work and a rock at home.


Have you ever wondered why golf is a popular hobby among middle-aged men? Maybe they know something you don’t. On the face of it, golf doesn’t seem like that much fun, lots of walking, and you don’t even get to hit the ball very often.

But golf is the perfect leisure activity when you need some time off. You get to hang out, socialize with friends all day, and get a break from your hectic life.

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