Masculine Energy: Be Balanced and Better Off

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This post explores the idea of masculine energy. Whether or not such a thing exists, there is something tangible about the vibe certain people give off. Is this masculine energy or just the way they hold themselves? Check out these characteristics and decide for yourself.

How to Keep ME in Balance

Before you think that an imbalance of masculine energy causes your problems, you should look at your life to see if there is a better solution.

This might mean taking stock and doing a life assessment, a personality test, or some life management. But, of course, seeing a professional should always be the first step if you have any psychological issues.

However, if your life isn’t what you want it to be, you need direction and motivation.

If you discover that an excess of masculine energy is causing you to be cold and unforgiving when communicating with your spouse, create a goal to help you work on it.

For example, after your partner tells you something, resist responding immediately. Instead, try putting their problem into your own words and asking if that’s what she meant.

You can see how this might help communication with this before and after:

  • “I feel like you don’t care because you never do the dishes.”
  • “OK, I’ll do them now.”
  • “That’s not what I mean.”
  • “I thought you wanted me to do the dishes, I’m doing them now!”
  • “I feel like you don’t care because you never do the dishes.”
  • “Oh, when I don’t do the dishes, you think it’s because I don’t care about you, right?”

Is Masculine Energy Real?

First, there is no scientific evidence that masculine or feminine energy exists. It’s unlikely that scientists will ever discover any energy detected by scientific equipment because, in a physical sense, it doesn’t exist.

But the way that most people use the ideas of male and female energy is not in the physical sense. Rather than thinking there is actual energy inside us, they are psychological concepts to help us understand how people think and behave.

People have always wondered what others were thinking and tried to predict how they would act. Sometimes people are predictable and occasionally chaotic.

Rather than accept that people act unexpectedly or that their behavior is too difficult to predict, they created systems to help them.

People have come up with many of these concepts at different times and in different places and cultures. For example, ancient China used the five elements, but no one thought there was fire and wood inside us.

The socio-sexual hierarchy is a system like this. It categorizes men into six types:

These systems take something too complex for us to understand – human psychology, and make it simple.

The system closest and the predecessor to the ideas of masculine and feminine energy is the Daoist idea of yin and yang.

The yin-yang symbol is so well known for a good reason. It holds an undisputable truth about human nature.

  • The black is yin. It symbolizes the negative and the feminine.
  • The White is yang. It symbolizes the positive and masculine
  • The yin-yang tells us that men and women both have masculine and feminine aspects and that deep within males, the feminine is found and vice versa.

Gender and Masculine Energy

You might be wondering how gender and energies fit together. Gender and sexuality are related to the ideas of masculinity and feminity. But rather than get into biology, traditional gender roles, and sexual identity, this post will focus on stereotypical masculine traits used to describe male energy.

It’s important to remember that the energies are just concepts to be used and do not exist.

The masculine energy has been named so because you can see it more often in males than in females. The female energy was similarly named because it’s commonly found in females.

Does this mean that a female can’t mostly manifest masculine energy? Of course not. There is so much variety between people that you will find men with feminine energy and vice versa.

Gender differences are irrelevant as both women and men traditionally have both yin and yang qualities.

Just as the yin-yang tells us, most people will be a mixture of both, probably leaning further one way or the other.

What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy is easy to understand, but you need to know what you’re looking for. There are some typical characteristics; once you know them, you’ll realize what masculine energy is and when you need it.

Action Orientated

The masculine energy is action orientated. Which means it helps you get stuff done.

You’ve undoubtedly had days when you woke up and destroyed your to-do list. That’s masculine energy at play. It motivates you to complete your tasks and work on your goals. It stops you from feeling tired or lethargic and pushes you forward through your day.

It’s Toxic When

  • You work yourself into the ground, and the next day, you can’t do anything but recover.


Stability is one of the most recognizable aspects of masculine energy. Someone with strong masculine energy isn’t flitting from one thing to the next. This stable energy is vital to be a good parent or partner – no one wants a parent who can’t hold a job down or put meals on the table daily.

People in leadership positions often exhibit masculine energy because they need the stability to see something through. A leader who constantly changes his mind will run a company (or country) quickly into the ground.

It’s Toxic When

  • You become predictable and boring.


Whereas feminine energy tends to be more emotional, masculine energy is logical. This is often a sticking point in relationships, and books like “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars” make this point well.

When an argument happens between two people with very different energies, they can talk across each other. However, neither one addresses the problem their partner has. Instead, the male tries to solve the situation logically, while the female might look for emotional support rather than a solution.

It’s Toxic When

  • You see people as problems to be solved.


Masculine energy brings with it clarity. Someone with strong masculine energy may be clear and sure of the solution when a problem presents itself. Of course, clarity doesn’t always mean that their solution is the right one. But it feels right.

Being sure of one path is one of the reasons that masculine energy promotes action.

It’s Toxic When

  • You ignore the suggestions of others and forget that you might be wrong.


While women evolved to gather fruits and berries, often while talking with other women and watching children, men spent days away from the group hunting. While hunting, the group stays silent, watching and listening to their prey. All focus was on that animal; taking it home was the difference between life and death.

It’s easy to see why focus is categorized as a part of masculinity.

It’s Toxic When

  • You ignore what’s going on around you or become angry at distractions.


Think of a male lion protecting the pride when another male approaches. This is the masculine protective energy.

Females, especially in the natural world, are very protective over their children and will fight to protect them. The protective masculine energy also extends to their family and even tribe.

It’s Toxic When

  • You become possessive and controlling.