33 Fun Hobbies for Couples: Stop Being Boring!

If you find yourselves spending too many nights in watching Netflix, it may be time to start a new hobby. Doing it alone is no fun, so convince your partner to try one of these hobbies for couples. Inject a little excitement and novelty into your relationship and have fun while you spend more time together!

Indoor Hobbies for Couples

Indoor Hobbies for Couples

There is much more to indoor hobbies than doing origami and crafts! So don’t worry. You’ll find no jigsaw puzzles or stamp collecting on this list. You can do many different hobbies inside, but for couples, you need something a little more exciting than coin collecting.

1. Build a Blog Together

Creating a blog is a lot of work. There’s the writing, editing, and marketing to get your posts in front of people. Two people are better than one in all this work, especially if you have different skills.

2. Impress Your Family With a Magic Trick

There are only so many times you can pull a coin from a child’s ear before they get wise to it. But I bet none of your family is expecting a couple’s magic routine from the two of you! Learn a classic like sawing a lady in half or something simple with coins and cards.

3. Wordle, Soduku, or Scrabble

If you’d rather find a quiet hobby, you can do it over a morning cup of coffee or, after a long day at work, play Wordle with your partner. Then, for a little added fun, make a competition of it, keep score and create a prize for the winner at the end of the week.

4. Try a Martial Arts Class

Do you wish you could learn new things together? There’s a martial arts style for everyone, from tai chi to MMA. For couples, jiu-jitsu is a great option. Rolling around on top of each other can be great fun, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice at home.

5. Hold a Games Night

Invite some friends over for a regular games night. Or, if you don’t want to have to clear up after them, invite them for a virtual games night. Decide on a board game to play, make food, serve drinks, and have a good time.

6. Cook For Dinner Parties or a Date Night

Are you one of those couples that like to put on sophisticated dinner parties for your friends? It’s an excellent hobby for a couple because there is so much to get done! If you’re not one of those couples, have a weekly romantic date night and cook for just the two of you.

7. Make Your Own Clothes

You may have never thought about sewing your own clothes, but it can be a rewarding experience. Making something from scratch or turning an old shirt into a new skirt, doing it together will make the clothes much more meaningful when you finally wear them out.

8. Dancing

It’s never too late to learn to dance! Everyone dreams of holding their partner close while everyone looks on in envy at some point. It doesn’t take much to make come true either. There’s a dance style for everyone. It doesn’t have to be ballroom dancing.

  • Tango
  • Swing
  • Line Dancing
  • Salsa
  • Tap Dance
  • Break Dancing

9. Couples Yoga

If one or both of you already practice yoga, starting a couples yoga practice is a great hobby you can do together. Trying the poses is fun and challenging, and you never know where it may lead.

10. Gambling

Gambling has excitement built into it! Whether you play poker, bet on sports, or add a level of competition to a simple board game, it starts to get intense when money (or something else) is at stake.

11. Read

Everyone should cultivate a reading habit, but it can be boring when you don’t have anyone to discuss your latest novel with. By choosing a book to read together, you’ll always have something to talk about.

12. Learn a New Language

One of the problems with learning a language by yourself is you don’t get enough practice speaking to someone. If you learn with your partner, you can practice with them every single day and make faster progress. Learning a new language is also a great reason to travel to the country together.

13. Wine Tasting

There are wine-tasting clubs you can attend everywhere, but if you’re an introverted extrovert or would rather stay at home, do a wine tasting at home. Learning about wine is also excellent preparation for touring vineyards in wine country.

14. Video Games

Finding a video game you both enjoy is a relief if you want to spend more time together but don’t want to leave the couch. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Overcooked
  • Keep Taling, and Nobody Explodes
  • Minecraft
  • World of Warcraft
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

15. Karaoke

A bottle of wine always helps a karaoke night! Invite some friends over or sing just the two of you. You can find karaoke versions of your favorite songs on YouTube, and you don’t even need a mic to sing along, especially after that bottle of wine.

16. Cosplay

If you’re already into cosplay, ask your partner to join in. You’ll both have some fun, and you might make a new group of friends at cosplay events. Have some options ready for them to try out.

17. Cook

You probably cook every day, but how often do you cook together? To turn cooking into a real hobby, you could:

  • Set a Goal to cook every recipe in a book
  • Learn to cook a new cuisine
  • Take a cooking class together

18. Become Bakers

Baking is an art that gives you so much pleasure. First, make the dough and style it into a beautiful loaf together. Next, the smell fills the house when it’s baking. And finally, you get to eat it while discussing your next bake together.

Outdoor Hobbies for Couples

Outdoor Hobbies for Couples

While skydiving or learning to kayak may be exciting new pastimes, they are unlikely to become regular hobbies for the two of you. Instead, I’ve focused on fun activities and rewarding hobbies that you can do any time you want. Of course, if you want to go sky diving every day, I won’t stop you.

19. Geocaching

Geocaching is a new hobby where you hunt for geocaches anywhere in the world using a GPS-based app on your phone. Inside the cache may be treasure or just a log to write in to prove you found it. Even if you don’t find a cache every time you go out, you still get to go on an adventure together.

20. Survival Skills

Making a campsite, building a fire, and camping out with your loved one sounds like a beautiful way to spend an evening. And if the world does meltdown or the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll be ready for it.

21. Volunteer

Doing something good for your community with your partner is one of the most meaningful experiences you can have. There are many opportunities around you to do some good; you just need to look.

22. Grow Your Food

There is no better feeling than sitting down to a meal of food that you grew yourself. Maintaining a vegetable patch can be hard work, but doing it together can be a fun and rewarding way to spend your Sunday afternoons.

23. Gardening

Fruit and vegetables aren’t the only things you can grow in the garden. So why not just plant some flower beds together and make your home beautiful?

24. Astronomy

There’s something romantic about looking up at the stars. Whether at an observatory or just lying on the hood of your car, it’s a fantastic hobby for you and your life partner.

25. Tennis, Table Tennis, or Badminton

Get your racquets out! Playing doubles tennis is a great hobby if you can find a couple to play with. If not, you can always play against each other. If you want something a little easier, try badminton or table tennis if you’d rather have an indoor hobby.

26. Skiing

The best thing about learning to ski is that you have to go on a skiing holiday afterward! The mountain views and hot chocolates by the fire in the ski lodge all start with learning to ski together.

Creative Hobbies for Couples

Creative Hobbies for Couples

If a more creative hobby is what you’re looking for, check out the list below. Get your creative juices flowing with these interesting hobbies to spend your leisure time together and maybe even make some money (27, 29 and 32.)

27. Make TikTok Videos

There are a thousand Tikitok viral challenges for couples. They’re fun and may even make you famous!

28. Write a Novel Together

Writing a novel is a huge undertaking, and it can be challenging to know where to start. Taking on the writing process with the one you love is rewarding and makes the whole process easier and more fun. Plus, you can discuss your characters over every meal- you’ll never be stuck for conversation again!

29. Start a Youtube Channel

YouTube videos don’t need to be long artistic pieces (though they can be). They can also be something simple. YouTube shorts are becoming increasingly popular, too if you don’t want to invest so much time. A YouTube channel is something you may even be able to build into a business if you keep at it.

30. Painting or Drawing

Everyone wishes they could draw or paint a little better. The truth is that while most of us will never be a Picasso, we can all improve our artistic skills. You just need consistent practice. Having your life partner with you might be the confidence builder you need to try an art class.

31. Learn to Play Music Together

Learning a musical instrument is a slow process, so anything that can make it more fun and keep you practicing is good. Learning with your husband or wife is a great motivator. If you learn different instruments, you might even be able to play together.

32. Create a Podcast

New podcasters face one problem: not having anyone to invite to interview. But you’ll always have someone to talk to if you create a podcast with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Now, you need to figure out what to talk about.

33. Photography

Photography is the perfect hobby for couples. First, you both get the experience of taking photos. Then another experience remembering them when you look back at the pictures. After that, you can go on nature hikes or take photos in the bedroom and create a beautiful memory.

Tips for Talking to Your Partner About a New Hobby

Start Slow

Although you may have been thinking about learning something new for a while and are excited to get started, it’s all new to your other half. So rather than jumping in with an expensive course or daily practice requirement, start slow. Tell your lover you want to try it out together once a week and see how it works. They may fall in love with whatever you picked.

Make it Win-Win

Any businessman will tell you the most straightforward deals are the win-win ones. If you make it just as good for your partner, they’ll be happy to do whatever new hobby you want to try.

  • If they do this hobby with you, then you’ll do one they choose.
  • Choose something you know they like.
  • Show them the benefit of the hobby, “if we learn to bake together, there will always be fresh cakes and cookies in the house.”

Choose Something They’ll Like (or at Least Won’t Hate)

If you want your partner not only to agree to try the hobby but to continue and actually enjoy it, you need to find something you think they will like. If you ask him to slam poetry nights and you know he won’t like it, sooner or later, he will stop going sooner or later.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you pick from this list of popular hobbies and interesting ways to spend your free time, I hope you find a new favorite hobby to do together and improve your relationship. My wife and I have enjoyed #3, especially recently.

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