Types Of Digital Nomad – Meet The 12 Kinds Of Nomad

After being location independent for over 15 years and meeting different types of digital nomads and travelers from all over the globe, I can definitively say that no two are alike. Everyone has there own motivation for the nomadic lifestyle, their own income stream and their own idea about which country is next. There are a few categories that digital nomads to fall into.

Table of Contents

  1. Travel Blogger – The Ultimate Digital Nomad Lifestyle
  2. Slomad – Become Part Of The Nomadic Community
  3. Niche Or Affiliate Blogger – Work From Anywhere
  4. Entrepreneur – Nomadic Till They Make It
  5. The Freelancer – The Best Digital Nomad Jobs For Beginners?
  6. Remote Worker – The Best Paying Digital Nomad Jobs?
  7. Non Stop Traveler
  8. Gap Year – A Real Nomad?
  9. English Teacher – Digital Nomad Jobs No Experience Necessary
  10. Streamer – Travel And Game
  11. YouTuber – Create Videos In Exotic Locations
  12. SEO Consultant – More Digital Than Nomad

Travel Blogger – The Ultimate Digital Nomad Lifestyle

First up is the travel blogger. It’s an idea that has occurred to every digital nomad at some point. Your visiting all of these amazing places and have so many awesome photos, creating a travel blog seems like the perfect income stream for a digital nomad. As more people have gone nomadic and more peoples are just traveling in general however, travel blogs have sprung up everywhere.

You may have trouble getting eyes on your blog unless you have something to make you stand out.

It can be done though! Here are a few of my favorite travel bloggers

You can spot a Travel Blogger by

  • They take photos at the beach but don’t stay to enjoy themselves

They make money by

  • Advertising and affiliate marketing

How to become a Travel Blogger

  • Create a website, take lot’s of photos and start writing.
  • Learn SEO along the way

Slomad – Become Part Of The Nomadic Community

The digital slomad, or slowmad, is a traveler that moves at a different pace compared to their nomadic counterpart. They look for countries that have longer visas and opt for rental properties instead of hotels.

They take their time, learning about a new place and what the locals enjoy. They learn the language, the culture and usually cut costs by traveling less and eating at home more. There are also other benefits of being a slomad too.

It may be a slomad couple who’s children are fully grown or a young family who homeschool their nomadic kids.

You can spot a Digital Slomad by

  • They take their lunch with them to the park

They make money by

How to become a Digital Slomad

  • That’s a post I should write!

Niche Or Affiliate Blogger – Work From Anywhere

The niche and affiliate blogger is the digital nomad you see in the same cafe every morning when you go for your morning espresso and when you walk back from the beach at sunset, they’re still sat in the same spot, still typing away.

Content is king for the niche blogger and this means writing a lot of it themselves.

Their army of freelance writers can only write as many articles as the niche blogger can research, so this type of digital nomad is never a tab away from a google search.

You can spot a Niche Blogger by

  • They write a 1500 word blog post directly in WordPress in just 45 minutes

They make money by

  • Advertising and affiliate marketing

How to become a Niche Blogger

  • Find Your niche
  • Build You site
  • Learn SEO
  • Pray to Google for traffic

Entrepreneur – Nomadic Till They Make It

Entrepreneurial digital nomads come in all shapes and sizes but this type of digital nomad usually knows how to sell a product. They may be trading internationally in coffee, selling T-shirts out of their car or making crumpets to sell online (yes, I did that!)

Whatever it is the entrepreneur is into, he needs to be able to convince people to pay for it and that requires confidence and people skills.

Most entrepreneur type digital nomads have a few different businesses going at the same time. They’re hoping that one hits it big.

You can spot an Entrepreneur by

  • They’ll tell you, and try to sell you something too!

They make money by

  • Advertising and affiliate marketing

How to become an Entrepreneur

  • Figure out how you can solve someone’s problem
  • Sell them the solution

The Freelancer – The Best Digital Nomad Jobs For Beginners?

The popularity of freelancing websites like fivver and upwork are one of the reasons that becoming a digital nomad is now so much easier. There was a time that the only way to become location independent was to either have a lot of money or be sent by your company.

Now however, anyone can create an account and start getting freelance work immediately and depending where you stay, earning enough to pay your monthly expenses can be quite easy.

Typically, if you want to be a successful freelancer, you need to have some skills to offer. If you’re an experienced writer, designer or artist, you will do much better looking for freelance work online.

If you have no experience, you can still find paying work, you just need to price yourself below the competition until you have a decent sized portfolio.

You can spot a Freelancer by

  • Them browsing writing jobs more than actually writing

They make money by

  • Writing content, getting paid per word

How to become a Freelancer

Remote Worker – The Best Paying Digital Nomad Jobs?

A remote worker is a type of digital nomad that usually works a full time job, but is not required to go into the office. This means they can work from anywhere in the world as long as they are available during office hours.

For many people this is the ultimate digital nomad experience. You get to keep your job, and your salary, but do it from an exotic location. It sounds like a permanent holiday.

Remote workers usually need some time to adjust to their new environment and realize that they’re not on holiday and shouldn’t be drinking margaritas at the bar everyday after work.

You can spot a Remote Worker by

  • They’re the only ones in the cafe wearing a tie

They make money by

  • Working their 9-5, remotely

How to become a Remote Worker

  • Convince your boss it’s good for him

Non Stop Traveler

The non stop traveler is usually young, full of energy and eager to see as much of the world as they can as quickly as possible. This type of digital nomad travels from place to place utilizing every mode of transport available.

Usually staying in hostels along the way, you might meet this speedy nomad in the hostel bar or getting a late breakfast the next morning. But don’t look for him again the next day, he’s probably already moved on.

You can spot a Non Stop Traveler

  • Bartering for the price of a room

They make money by

  • Any jobs they can pick up along the way

How to become a Non Stop Traveler

  • Save up for a few months then buy a one way ticket and don’t look back

Gap Year – A Real Nomad?

If you’ve ever met a young 19 year old or maybe 22 year old traveling, they might fall into this category of nomadic traveler.

You know the type, they’ve just graduated from school or from the undergraduate degree course and are taking some time to travel and, dare I say it, ‘find themselves.’

This kind of digital nomad usually has plans to go back home to finish their education or get a job once they’re done. But for now they are moving from place to place, having the time of their lives.

I categorize these types as digital nomads because I’ve so many of them that went on their gap year and just never returned home. “I’m supposed to be going back to get my masters after a year traveling but it’s been 5 years now and I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it back.” It’s a story I’ve heard more than a few times.

You can spot a Gap Year Nomad

  • They spend the evening calling family and friends back home

They make money by

  • Calling Mom & Dad

How to become a Gap Year Nomad

English Teacher – Digital Nomad Jobs No Experience Necessary

Not strictly a digital nomad but who am I to say. The English teacher is a staple across the world and seen in most countries that don’t speak English as a national language. Teaching jobs are usually contracted to the school year and so these nomads travel slower than most of their counterparts.

The biggest benefit of teaching English over most other forms of digital nomadism is getting a coveted working visa and a regular wage.

The working visa ensure you can stay the full year (at least) in which ever country you land in and not having to worry if you can make enough to cover expenses this month is a luxury not every digital nomad has.

Most English teachers teach about 20 hours a week but office hours usually make up the rest to make a full 40 hour week. If you can stand that and having to deal with kids all day long in a classroom setting, you get the added benefit of school holidays!

You can spot an English Teacher by

  • They can’t speak the local language despite being there 3 years

They make money by

  • Teaching English

How to become an English Teacher

Streamer – Travel And Game

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about twitch streamers, other than that they exist and can make money. In fact, you can stream on a huge number of platforms now, with the biggest being:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram

You can spot a Streamer by

  • They spend more time talking to chat than playing the game

They make money by

  • Donations and product promotion

How to become a Streamer

  • join Twitch and start streaming

YouTuber – Create Videos In Exotic Locations

The YouTuber digital nomad is probably the easiest to spot of all, waling around talking to their camera and being really enthusiastic about it. Or you might see them making slow panning shots for their B-roll, either way they are never far from their camera, tripods, lenses, filters and a ton of other video gear.

But being a YouTuber isn’t just about filming, to produce high quality video, its the editing process that you need to fall in love with.

You may see a YouTuber digital nomad sat with his macbook and a large coffee while his camera bag is tucked away hidden beneath the table of the cafe.

You can spot a YouTuber by

  • They walk around talking to their flippy screen camera

They make money by

  • Advertising and product promotion

How to become a YouTuber

  • Pick a niche
  • produce quality videos consistantly

SEO Consultant – More Digital Than Nomad

Every business, has a website and every website needs SEO, which means that the brand new industry of SEO consulting has almost infinite demand. There simply isn’t enough SEO specialists to go around!

This has given rise to the SEO consultant digital nomad. This kind of digital nomad is so common in certain digital nomad cities that they even hold SEO conferences such as The Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

You can spot an SEO consultant by

  • They always have Ahrefs open

They make money by

  • Selling SEO services to clients

How to become an SEO Consultant

  • Get some SEO experience building your own site
  • Apply to SEO companies
  • Move to Chiang Mai
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