Face Inaction

Inaction, laziness, sloth, this dragon goes by many names. If Inaction is taking a hold of you, you might notice that you just can’t get started with that project you know you should do. It may seem like such an effort to do anything other than passively consuming media after work or on the weekends. Now imagine that while watching Netflix you found this ancient scroll down the side of the sofa! You unroll it and see the title – How to fight Inaction.

Self Help Books for Men

7 Unconventional Self-Help Books for Men to Read in 2023

Love or Hate them, self-help books are the most efficient way to make more out of your life. You need …

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GTD in Obsidian

How to Set Up GTD in Obsidian: Productivity Perfection

GTD is the only task management philosophy you need, but now that personal knowledge management has come of age, should …

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Monk Mode

Ultimate Guide to Monk Mode: Start Today

I’ve spent years perfecting systems and tweaking my workflows to be as productive as possible. But I’ve never made such …

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Obsidian For Students

Obsidian for Students: Time to Take Your Studies Seriously

We’re in the middle of a personal knowledge management revolution right now. The software has caught up to the ideas. …

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Writing a Diary

How to Journal Daily & Consistently Enjoy It

Keeping a journal will help you grow, but only if you stay consistent. Writing in your diary or journal daily …

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Things to do on a Rainy Day

40 Meaningful Things to Do on a Rainy Day

There’s a downpour outside, and you’re looking for some rainy-day activities. We’ve all been there. Don’t want to waste today …

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How to Purge Your House

How to Purge Your House of Stuff That Holds You Back

Clutter finds its way into every area of our lives. Decluttering helps, but there comes a time when you need …

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Encouragement for Kids

101 Positive Affirmations For Kids to Empower Your Child

Self-confidence can be challenging for many people. Positive affirmations are crucial when building confidence and self-worth. For kids, it can …

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Sight Words

Building Strong Readers: Teaching Kindergarten Sight Words and Early Literacy Skills

Kindergarten sight words are essential building blocks for early literacy skills, helping children learn to read and write. These essential …

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What Makes You Smile

50 Cheery Things That Will Make You Smile

When were happy, we smile, but did you know it works the other way around too? Studies have shown that …

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Morning Affirmations

All the Morning Affirmations (150+) You’ll Ever Need

The power of positive thinking is no longer pseudo-science. People are using self-talk and affirmations to manifest fundamental changes in …

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How to Shift Reality

How to Shift Reality in 2023: Keys to Another Dimension

Consciousness is a strange thing, and science doesn’t fully understand it. But psychologists know that reality manifests itself to us …

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