All the Morning Affirmations (150+) You’ll Ever Need

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The power of positive thinking is no longer pseudo-science. People are using self-talk and affirmations to manifest fundamental changes in their lives. If you want to rid yourself of negative thinking, be happier or motivate yourself, give the morning affirmations below a try.

Your positive morning affirmations could be the difference between achieving your life’s vision and a life of regret.

Frequently Asked Questions About Daily Affirmations

Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

Scientific studies show that self-talk and affirmations really can affect the brain. But psychologists warn that you can’t affirm anything you like and make it so.

You need to make your affirmations believable. Natalie Dattilo, a clinical psychologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, recommends “starting with statements that reflect what you want to believe.”

Another consensus among psychologists is that a regular, particularly daily, habit of affirming yourself gives the best results. Although using affirmations before a stressful situation is also a well know procedure.

First-person or Second-person?

Studies show using the second person “you are strong” rather than the first person “I am strong” is more effective, especially when you are listening to a recording of your affirmations. However, when saying them to yourself, it’s most common to use the first person “I am.”

However, once you have some experience with self-affirmations, try mixing it up, use the second person for a week and see if it makes any difference.

How Long Till Positive Morning Affirmations Work?

Your affirmations won’t make your dreams come true overnight. Morning affirmations can be inspirational from the first time you say them out loud, but more often, it takes a little while. But by repeating your affirmations daily, you should notice your mindset starts to change after a month.

Suppose you continue past habits of negative self-talk or allow yourself to wallow in negativity. In that case, you’ll be fighting against the power of the affirmations, and your positive change may take longer than necessary.

If, after a month, the affirmation hasn’t been constructive or had any positive results, try another one.

How to Start Doing Morning Affirmations

Start every day with your positive morning affirmations, and you’ll immediately see a difference in how you feel.

When you first perform affirmations, it might feel awkward talking out loud to yourself. Positive thoughts (not aloud) can also be motivational and help change your life, but to reprogram your negative thoughts or make lasting positive changes, nothing beats audible positive self-talk.

So whisper at first if you have to, you’ll slowly build up the confidence with your self-esteem, and soon you’ll be affirming positively who you are.

Create an affirmations list and organize it with Obsidian.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Chose 1-3 affirmations from your list
  2. Find a quiet, comfortable spot
  3. Take a few deep breaths
  4. Out loud, say the first affirmation slowly and confidently ten times
  5. Repeat for the next affirmation.

Manifest Better Health

Health is essential, but it’s also an area of life that takes a lot of effort to make meaningful changes. A consistent workout habit and eating healthily take time and energy to maintain. Make these morning affirmations part of your morning routine to give you the right mental attitude to face the challenges and push through the obstacles that hold back your physical health today.

  1. I deserve to feel good.
  2. I feel great inside my body.
  3. I eat nutritious, healthy foods.
  4. I enjoy the foods I eat.
  5. I feel better after working out.
  6. Building a more muscular body makes me more effective at everything I do.
  7. I’m getting healthier every day.
  8. I’m stronger than ever before.
  9. I Stretch because it feels good.
  10. I feel good because I eat healthily.
  11. Working out makes me a better father/husband/wife etc.
  12. I look like I work out because I do.
  13. People can see I’m healthy.
  14. I can lift more/run further/work harder than my past self.
  15. I love my body.
  16. I feel strong today.
  17. I will heal today.
  18. I love feeling hydrated.
  19. I drink water because I love it.
  20. Health is mine.

Affirm Habits to Create Wealth

These mantras help you develop a positive mental attitude toward money. So whether you want to earn more, spend less or use your money more wisely and develop kindness, repetition of these positive phrases will give you the self-confidence to do it.

  1. My financial goals are achievable.
  2. I deserve to learn more.
  3. Financial freedom is near.
  4. My bank balance always goes up.
  5. I spend my money wisely.
  6. I use money to make money.
  7. Success soon.
  8. Work harder, earn more.
  9. I make sound financial choices.
  10. I attract the money I want.
  11. I give back because I’m generous.
  12. People see me as wealthy.
  13. Money is safe in my hands.
  14. People want to give me more.
  15. I don’t fear failure.
  16. I always have more money than I need.
  17. I can make money doing anything.
  18. My money is a force for good in the world.
  19. I stay debt free.
  20. Money flows to me when I let it.

Happiness Is an Affirmation Away

Happy people have a few things in common. First, they know how to reduce stress levels when they get high. Second, they forgive others and don’t let their self-worth be affected by the actions of those around them. Third, they maintain a positive outlook regardless of what is happening. These affirmations will train your mind to act the same way.

  1. I have more than I could ever need.
  2. Every day is an opportunity to turn my life around.
  3. Today, I will be good to myself
  4. I will smile today.
  5. People see me as a happy person.
  6. I enjoy what I do.
  7. I like my life.
  8. I change things that don’t make me happy.
  9. My struggles don’t make me unhappy.
  10. I see the joy in difficult days.
  11. I am a beacon of joy to the people around me.
  12. I am a city of light set on a hill for all to see.
  13. Today, I will bring happiness to the ones I love.
  14. I know how to be happy.
  15. I know a way to bring joy to my family.
  16. When I take a breath, happiness flows in.
  17. No one can bring me down.
  18. Seeing the sky reminds me how blessed I am.
  19. My morning breakfast makes me feel good.
  20. I love my daily routine.

Attract the Love you Deserve

Low self-esteem seems to be at an all-time high, especially among the younger generations. The law of attraction states that “like attracts like,” so a positive attitude toward love will attract others looking for love. It will task your subconscious with solving the problem or recognizing opportunities for love that you might not otherwise see.

  1. I deserve to be loved.
  2. When I seek love, I’ll find love.
  3. I am loved.
  4. Love will come at the right time
  5. I am open to the love in the world.
  6. I see love all around me.
  7. I am proactive in finding love.
  8. I let go of my past experiences.
  9. I show people I love them.
  10. People see my life as full of love.
  11. I spend enough time with the ones I love.
  12. Love will come.
  13. I don’t let love slip away.
  14. I protect the love in my life.
  15. I fill spaces with reminders of love.
  16. Love goes both ways.
  17. People want to get to know me.
  18. I’m a good catch.
  19. I’m confident when I meet attractive people.
  20. I make the first move.

Do More with Morning Affirmations for Productivity

You might think productivity is just about making lists and keeping bullet journals. Still, by empowering yourself with these affirmations, you’ll work harder no matter what’s on your to-do list. Psychologists agree that we work harder and for longer on things we feel positively towards.

So instead of picking up the next self-help bestseller, improve your output with a daily affirmation from the list below.

  1. I deserve to achieve my goals.
  2. I plan the work and work the plan.
  3. I don’t get distracted.
  4. I’m focused on what I need to do.
  5. I track my time.
  6. I find the most efficient way to work.
  7. I complete my to-do list every day.
  8. Today will be productive.
  9. I will make massive progress on my most important task today.
  10. I have important things to do.
  11. My bad habits have fallen away.
  12. I keep my systems and routines.
  13. I focus on solutions, not problems.
  14. I love the work I do.
  15. I say no to unimportant tasks.
  16. I get others on board.
  17. I don’t get tired until I’m done.
  18. I do more than yesterday.
  19. No one works as hard as me.
  20. My productivity system drives me forward.

Affirm Higher Energy Levels

Inject your day with some positive energy from these powerful affirmations. Of course, it would be best if you had the power to do whatever you want with your day or life. If you often struggle to overcome negative emotions, are overwhelmed by a negative attitude, or feel exhausted, some positive words will fill you with optimism.

  1. I’m always full of energy.
  2. Energy and vitality flow to me.
  3. A slow breath fills me with energy.
  4. Using energy creates energy.
  5. I’m never stagnant in body or mind.
  6. People say I’m full of life.
  7. Taking care of my body brings me more energy.
  8. I don’t need caffeine for energy.
  9. Fresh air brings me energy.
  10. I’m an extroverted introvert and still get energy from people.
  11. I’m energized when I start.
  12. I feel rested.
  13. I have so much to look forward to today.
  14. I take breaks when I need them, not when I want them.
  15. No one knows how I do it.
  16. Healthy foods keep me fueled.
  17. Hydration prevents an energy crash.
  18. I’m low carb all day.
  19. My energy levels don’t crash.
  20. I’m an energizer bunny.

Build a Better Spiritual Life

Despite the increase in atheism worldwide, people still desire to experience something more than their material existence. A belief in yourself can be a source of encouragement for many but affirming that a higher power is watching over you is more likely to leave you smiling.

Use these morning affirmations to bring about a little spiritual fulfillment each day.

  1. Jesus loves me.
  2. God knows my name.
  3. I take time to pray.
  4. The universe has more to teach me.
  5. God is not finished with me yet.
  6. I’m mindful throughout the day.
  7. I meditate every day.
  8. God guides me, and I follow.
  9. I’m in line with a higher purpose.
  10. I’m a good person.
  11. I’m at peace.
  12. I won’t be tempted today.
  13. I enjoy reading my Bible.
  14. I am part of something bigger.
  15. God has a plan for me.
  16. The Lord is my shepherd.
  17. I shall not want.
  18. I feel safe knowing there’s a higher power.
  19. I see goodness in the world.
  20. I am blessed.

Commit to Your Wellbeing

A positive affirmation is all it takes to make you feel a sense of inner peace. Everyone deserves a positive mindset, so remind yourself and listen to your inner voice when it tells you you’re good enough already.

  1. I deserve to be treated well.
  2. I am good to myself.
  3. I’m not a slave to my life.
  4. I deserve nice things.
  5. It’s OK to get myself a gift.
  6. I deserve to take time off.
  7. I’m thankful for my life.
  8. I see the good things people do for me.
  9. I’m lucky to be where I am.
  10. I help those in hardships.
  11. I’m grateful to be me.
  12. I love the things that make me different.
  13. I love what I see in the mirror.
  14. I want the best for my family.
  15. I do things to make myself better every day.
  16. I sleep well.
  17. I get enough sleep.
  18. I breathe out my stress.
  19. I relax when I exhale.
  20. My shoulders drop, and I feel good.

Affirmations Are Just the Start

Commit to a massive change in your life this year. Affirmations are a great start but complement it with massive action! You can shift reality if you want to!