Face Emptiness

Find articles here about how to face the dragon of emptiness by creating a more meaningful life.

Things to do when Bored at home

139 New & Unique Things to Do At Home When Bored

It’s impossible to be bored at home after reading this list. There are more things to do than ever but …

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Things to do at night

The Best After Dark Activities: Things to Do at Night

Looking for something to do at night? You’ve found it! Look below for something to do that doesn’t cost any …

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Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle Creep: Don’t Let it Drag You Down

Who doesn’t love spending money? Getting yourself a small treat to eat or really splashing out with a new luxury …

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Fort Lauderdale

10 Kid-friendly Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale

The Greater Fort Lauderdale area boasts beaches, nightlife, and a dazzling array of attractions for vacation-seekers and South Florida locals. …

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12 Best Places to Visit in Florida

Florida is an excellent destination if you’re looking for a vacation spot that offers something for everyone. The Sunshine State …

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Digital Slomad

Is Slomadding Our Future? Meet the Digital Slomad

I’ve lived as a digital slomad my entire adult life. While the idea of a digital nomad lifestyle-that of constant …

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Gen Z Hobbies

What Are Gen Z Doing? 7 Gen Z Hobbies You’ve Never Heard of

Young people have less time for traditional hobbies such as jigsaw puzzles, board games, and gardening. Instead, their hobbies are …

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Change Your Life Freelancing

Swap Out Your Life for a New One with One Change

We are tired of the monotonous rhythm that takes us to work each day and back home via the same …

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Bolivia Salt Flats

Bolivia Salt Flats Are TikTok Famous: Are They Worth the Trip?

For years, the Bolivia Salt Flats have been a photographer’s dream, with their shifting optical illusions in the landscape, each …

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5 Great Kids Amusement Parks that Will Entertain for Hours

Kids amusement parks are a summer right of passage. Many families pack up the car and head to an amusement …

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Scotland Highlands

Scotland’s Highlands: 10 Best Things to do Before This Landmark Disappears

According to an expert, the tide may soon wash one of the most unique natural structures in Scotland’s Highlands into …

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American Dream Bad Credit

8 Most Popular Home Renovation Projects

Are you looking to renovate your home but don’t know where to start? Home renovation can be daunting but is …

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