Face Inaction

Inaction, laziness, sloth, this dragon goes by many names. If Inaction is taking a hold of you, you might notice that you just can’t get started with that project you know you should do. It may seem like such an effort to do anything other than passively consuming media after work or on the weekends. Now imagine that while watching Netflix you found this ancient scroll down the side of the sofa! You unroll it and see the title – How to fight Inaction.

Omnivert vs. Ambivert

Exploring the Grey Area: Omnivert vs. Ambivert

Either end of the extroversion scale is pretty simple, but when you reach the middle, things get more complicated, omniverts, …

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GTD and Logseq

Set Up GTD in Logseq in 3 Steps

There are so many apps to choose from when it comes to setting up a GTD system. But why download …

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Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals The Key to Achieving Your Dream (+100 examples)

Whether they know it or not, everyone has goals. Not everyone writes them down or gives themselves deadlines, but everyone …

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Self Improvement Habits Books

The Best Self-Improvement Habits Ranked

Face Dragons is based on the idea of self-improvement, to make yourself courageous, strong, and able to stand in front …

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Alpha male in yellow suit, sigma male in grey suit

Alpha Male vs. Sigma Male: Discover The Traits of Champions

A battle for control and power among the male personalities plays out nowhere more than between the alpha male and …

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Perfecting the craft of Yoga positions

Perfect Your Craft: 11 Ways to Become an Expert in Any Discipline

To become a master at any skill or discipline requires dedication and hard work. But being more efficient might cut …

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Personal Action Plan on White Paper

Create a Personal Action Plan and Change Who You Are

If you’re not where you want to be in life (and none of us are), it’s because you’re not who …

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Far away goal, target

Set Stretch Goals: Achieve More than Anyone (30 Examples)

Here at Face Dragons, we’re all about finding hard things to do and conquering them. So, of course, making goals …

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Couple sitting together

Relationship Exercise to Find Your Couple Goals (with Examples)

Face Dragons wants to arm you with the skills you need to live a successful life which almost always means …

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Not to-do list on a computer screen

Everyone Needs a Not-To-Do List: Including You!

Have you ever made a not-to-do list? Everyone’s made a to-do list, I make one every day, but few people …

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Rules on a Blackboard - Sigma male rules

7 Sigma Male Rules You Should Start Following

These Sigma Male rules will help you face dragons, conquer your goals and leave alpha males in their tracks. Even …

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Setup Zettelkasten in Obsidian

Setting Up a Zettelkasten in Obsidian: More Than a Note-Taking App

No one wants to take notes they can’t find or use later. You put some on your phone, some in …

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