The Best Music for Productivity on YouTube

Music can be a great motivator and boost productivity no matter what kind of work your are doing, it’s just a matter of finding the right kind of music for you and the task you’re working on. I’ve compiled an amazing collection of the best music for productivity, study, contemplation and creative work from the best that YouTube has to offer.

In a recent post I shared some tips for Being More Productive at Home, one of which was using music to ‘change’ your location. Finding the right music is the easiest way of quickly changing your environment. In this post I offer some great examples of these 9 genres of productivity music.

Asian Lofi

I started listening to Asian lofi a few years ago when I was writing my first book, it definitely helped during those longer writing session!

A cool mix of hip hop beats with Asian style melodies, perfect if you’re into anime or just want to listen to something different. It’s great music for productive writing sessions!

Classical Music

Everyone has heard of the so-called ‘Mozart Effect,’ that listening to classical music can raise IQ levels. But since the original study was done in 1993 it has suffered much criticism.

Then in 2009 the fantastically-named meta analysis “Mozart Effect-Shmozart Effect” was published and the idea of the Mozart effect was finally put to rest. It is best summarized with the final sentence of their abstract:

“On the whole, there is little evidence left for a specific, performance-enhancing Mozart effect.”

Still, that doesn’t mean that listening to classical music wont help you work longer. The lack of lyrics and the beautiful melodies keep you working without being distracting. Classical music has long been the best thing to listen to for productivity.

Video Game Soundtracks

Video game music is crafted to keep you playing the game, repetitive without being boring. It puts you into a trace like state where you just can’t stop!

Use this to your advantage and listen to video game soundtracks when you want to do some long productive work sessions. It really is the best productivity music for long sessions

Lofi Hip Hop

I love listening to hip hop but when I’m working I find the lyrics can be distracting. I find myself singing along rather than focusing on the work at hand.

Listening to lofi hip hop is my preferred alternative. It’s hip hop beats without the lyrics and there are lots of long lofi hip hop videos on YouTube for us to take advantage of! Great music for productivity! Here are a few choice picks!

Coding Music

Another genre of deep work music is ‘coding music.’ This music has been designed for coders who want to concentrate on writing code for long periods of time. It’s designed with focus and logical thinking in mind.

You don’t need to be writing code to take advantage of it though. This is awesome music for productivity no matter what work you’re doing. If you need to focus and think logically for your work today, this might be the music for you!

Study Music

You have a test tomorrow and haven’t studied, it’s going to be a long night! You need some music for productivity, and fast!

Get the coffee on and play one of these study music playlists so you can study all night and hopefully still get a passing grade!

Ambient Sounds

Ever wish you were somewhere else? Home isn’t always the most productive environment for doing deep work, why no put yourself in a New York cafe or Tokyo in the rain?

Part of the reason that writers like to sit in a cafe (other than the coffee) is that perfect level of ambient noise. The murmuring of the customers, the occasional whoosh of the steam wand and quiet clashing of the coffee cups make for the optimum noise level. Neither distractedly loud nor deafeningly quiet.

Use these ambient videos to transport you somewhere else to do your work today!

Movie Soundtracks

Movie soundtracks are different from video game sound tracks or coding music where the main goal is to keep you going. They are designed to make you feel something.

Use these videos as the soundtrack to your work today if you need music for creative work or some really intense work.

Sounds of Nature

Working in a meadow or by a relaxing stream can be an awesome and productive way to spend a day. However, the lack of wifi and power, the rain, the bugs and the remoteness can be productivity killers.

Get the best of both worlds by bringing the outside in with one of these awesome nature sounds videos. Not exactly music for productivity, more sounds for productivity.

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