Face Inaction

Inaction, laziness, sloth, this dragon goes by many names. If Inaction is taking a hold of you, you might notice that you just can’t get started with that project you know you should do. It may seem like such an effort to do anything other than passively consuming media after work or on the weekends. Now imagine that while watching Netflix you found this ancient scroll down the side of the sofa! You unroll it and see the title – How to fight Inaction.

How Many Projects Shoud I have

How Many GTD Projects Should I Have?

Over the last decade or more doing GTD I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my project list. At times I …

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What to do After Tidying Your Room

What to Do After Cleaning Your Room?

Jordan Peterson encourages us to “clean up your room” as the first step to getting ourselves together and taking responsibility …

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How Much Time Does GTD Take

How Much Time Does GTD Take Each Day?

I often hear from people that GTD takes too much time. Either from people who have used GTD for a …

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GTD Reference

GTD Terminology: The Ultimate Reference To Common GTD Terms

A Guide to GTD Terminology If you’re unsure of any of the GTD terminology or jargon this page is for …

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What are next action lists in GTD

What are Next Action Lists in GTD?

If I’m getting something done, it’s almost always something on my action lists. Without them I don’t know where I’d …

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GTD for Decision Fatigue

How Often Should I Process the Inbox on GTD

I often have days where I am busy non stop, but regardless of how much I have to do I …

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How to Process

How to Process Your Inbox in GTD

I don’t over collect but I do usually collect about 10-20 thoughts into my inbox each day. Processing these captures …

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Blogging Skills to Become a Digital Nomad

How Often Should I Review the Someday Maybe List?

If you’ve been doing GTD a while, you probably have a huge someday maybe list full of ideas and wouldn’t-it-be-cools …

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Motivation and Time Management = Success

Goals The gurus are right. We need to define our goals, and how we do that is less important than …

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The 2 Minute Rule: Two Minutes To Regain Your Productivity

After 15 years of doing GTD, I still believe that the 2-minute rule is the key to making it all …

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How to do a GTD Weekly Review

The Weekly Review is a habit championed by David Allen in Getting Things Done. If you aren’t on the GTD …

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CV Problems

The 4 Most Common CV Problems (and what they say about you)

I revised CVs as part of a previous job for five years and have reviewed, revised, and rewritten 1000s of …

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